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Oct 12, 2012

Seem: KaNO -- Coast 2 Coast @ Fresthetic

kaNO returned to NYC for Thursday's opening of 'Coast 2 Coast' @ Fresthetic in Brooklyn. The retrospective show featured a look back at kaNO's stylized urban aesthetic in multiple mediums including paintings, drawings and of course, vinyl -- from Money Grip to Bodega. Speaking of Bodega, the new artist series was on display, featuring The London Police, kaNO, Tristan Eaton, Pez, and Toofly. From the front, the figures are almost dead ringers for the OG pieces minus the finish which is crystal clear rather than frosted. However, flipping them around reveals each artist's iconic imagery. There's also a hidden but welcome change; the new figures feature an articulated spray nozzle (head) which rotates and tilts as opposed to the fixed postion of the OG design. If you missed it, definitely drop by to check out kaNO's path -- past, present and future.

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