Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Nena Ngyuen


Welcome to Reactor-88’s Custom Corner. Before October rides off into the sunset [ed: Due to lag on our end, cut this one really close], we’re highlighting another fantastic toy customizer- Nena Nguyen. Nena is a small, quirky girl from Vancouver, Canada, who stuffs her face in finance textbooks during the day and vibrant Createx colors during the night. Her passion for customizing began at the age of 16- back then it was about hitting up Mini Munnys with markers. Since then, Nena has really pushed to improve the quality of her work with eye-catching color combinations and interesting characters. I found Nena’s work earlier this year and have to agree- her interesting character design, nicely sculpted enhancements, and striking color palettes really draw you in and force you to give her work a second look. I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on Nena as she continues to turn out some very impressive work. If you’d like to keep tabs on her as well, be sure to check out Nena’s website.