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Oct 31, 2012

Mishka and L’amour Supreme at Designer Con


The Mishka dudes will be attending this years Designer Con with a few things up their sleeves. One thing being an all new sculpt that L’amour Supreme and Greg Mishka have been working on for a couple of years, which stands a nice foot and some change (13”). L’amour will also have some Painted Mixed Parts Bootleg figures, limited to only 9 pieces, as well as his first ever custom painted M.O.T.U.K.O’s figures. Be sure to stop by their booth #507 to take a look at this two headed cycloptic ape!


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Artoyz – Chaos Kong Bunka


Artoyz is proud to introduce their latest production vinyl figure, Chaos Kong Bunka! Designed by none other than Bunka, the all new Chaos Kong features a massive pair of chops and a Buddha belly. This figures stands approximately 7” tall and will be available on Thursday, November 8th through Artoyz, who will also be putting on a little art show together. The show will feature a number of new artworks, customs, and some prints, as well as a few friends with their own interpretation of Chaos Bunka. Participating artists include: AISK, Fakir, Stan, Grapheart, Bleck, Leonartz, Frederic Peeters, Boris Mirror,and Yomek.

45 Rue de l’arbre sec
75001 Paris


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Nena Ngyuen


Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. Before October rides off into the sunset [ed: Due to lag on our end, cut this one really close], we're highlighting another fantastic toy customizer- Nena Nguyen. Nena is a small, quirky girl from Vancouver, Canada, who stuffs her face in finance textbooks during the day and vibrant Createx colors during the night. Her passion for customizing began at the age of 16- back then it was about hitting up Mini Munnys with markers. Since then, Nena has really pushed to improve the quality of her work with eye-catching color combinations and interesting characters. I found Nena's work earlier this year and have to agree- her interesting character design, nicely sculpted enhancements, and striking color palettes really draw you in and force you to give her work a second look. I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on Nena as she continues to turn out some very impressive work. If you'd like to keep tabs on her as well, be sure to check out Nena's website.



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Bad Juju DesignerCon exclusive ‘Kickstarter’ Dripple

001-Dripple Product Shot HR

For DesignerCon (11.3), Bad Juju will make their public debut with  release of their ‘Kickstarter’ Dripple – the 1st edition of the limited-resin designed by brand co-founder Sket-One.   Limited to 100 pieces, the 6” clear blue  Dripple resin in its swanky clear paint-can style packaging  will be available at the show from Bad Juju’s elaborate urban-themed booth  [#829] for a convention special price of $95, a considerable discount over the standard $135 pricing.   In addition to the Kickstarter Dripple, Bad Juju will offer a raffle for one-of-a-kind purple ‘Kickstarter’ proto signed by Sket One – one entry per person. 


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Franken Factory at Designer Con

Raaar DesignerCon Booth 313

The Franken Factory booth #113 will be playing host to the official sneak peek up Dynamite Rex’s Raar! Artist series! They will also have a limited number of 3” and 6” Rotocast resin Raar!s available for purchase. Be sure to stop by her booth to check out the Raar! designs by Shea Brittain aka Franken Factory, Jerome Lu, Martin Hsu, Gary Ham, Squink!, and Scott Tolleson. Also expect to find some Resin Wolfgirl figures available too!

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Grasshut Crops Presents: Mike Sutfin and Koji Harmon in Creeping Nomadic (11.01)


The Grasshut Corp will be starting November up with a bang! “Creeping Nomadics” is a duo show featuring the customs and artworks of both Mike Sutfin and Koji Harmon aka Cometdebris. The opening reception takes place on Thursday, November 1st from 6-9PM. Check out some of his custom MadBattleMan figures, including the upcoming Cobalt Edition, which will be released that night as an AP run. [Via Toybotstudios]


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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Chaos Bunnies Lava Bunny at Designer Con


Here we have some information that I’m sure a lot of you have been waiting for! News on the Loyal Subjects x Joe Ledbetter Designer Con Lava Bunny Release! this is the first vinyl drop of their new Chaos Bunnies line and will be limited to only 99 pieces at $135 each. Joe will be signing at the TLS Booth #429 from 10AM-12PM.

The Loyal Subjects will also have Les Schettkoe (Transformers and G.I. Joe Designer) signing at their booth from 1-2PM, where they will also have their new Transformers Tee line available for $25 each. Check after the jump for a video of TLS giving Hasbro a visit!


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Disturbia Clothing x Drew Millard – Popobawa


Teaming up with Drew Millard, Disturbia Clothing is out to release their very first vinyl figure! Above we get the turn around images of their upcoming figure, Popobawa! They are hoping to release Popobawa through their online store by the end of 2012, which means SOON! Stay tuned for photos of the actual sculpt, which we cannot wait to see!

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Jester Studios for Designer Con


Jester will be bringing his resin Mini-GibbyGops to Designer Con. There will only be a total of 16 available, 4 of each colorway (Black, White, Orange, Pink). Cute, no? Jester will also have some apparel available for the ladies and the kids, featuring his BettyGop character. Find him at booth #624.


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Refreshment – Designer Con Exclusive Debris Japan and Dry Head


The Refreshment booth #523 will have a couple of Designer Con exclusives available to you all this weekend. For your shelving pleasures, RESTORE will be dropping his all new “Diffuse Edition” Debris Japan figure for $100. For your key ring pleasure, there will be a 2.3” “Diffuse Edition” Dry Head Keychain for $15. I hope that last sentence didn’t sound wrong.. We wish you luck in grabbing these awesome releases!

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Gary Ham for Designer Con


Gary Ham will be bringing a long a few of his Wooper Loopers and Monster Toytem figures to this years Designer Con. His super cute sofubi Axolotl figures feature a clear purple vinyl and will feature 3 different spray options, metallic silver/black, metallic purple, and deep matte purple. There will be 8 of each up for grabs at $65 a piece!


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Oct 30, 2012

Designer Con Exclusive Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope Limited Edition Coins


Exclusive to Designer Con 2012 are the limited edition Brandt Peters’ Stingy Jack and Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope coins. These 1.5” metal “Death” coins also feature candies on the other side. They will retail $20 per set with 100 sets available. You will find them at the Designer Con booth #100!

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Silent Stage Gallery x Woebots @ DesignerCon (11.3)

Silent Stage will feature Angry Woebots for DesignerCon with two new Gazer busts as well as a selection of prints and apparel. Glow power will be on offer with the Crystal Skeleton GID Gazer (50 pcs, $200) and the rarest edition yet, the GID Gazer (5 pcs, $250). Check the shots of the Skeleton GID after the jump to scope out the inner sculpt from multiple angles. The busts and other goods will be available from the Silent Stage booth (#825).

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Oct 29, 2012

BAIT Exclusive CoolRain x MINDstyle x NBA -- GID 2012 Season Collectible Set


New SoCal lifestyle brand BAIT will celebrate the upcoming NBA season which starts on the eve of Halloween with an exclusive supernatural glow in the dark CoolRain x NBA 2012-2013 Collectible Set produced by MINDstyle. Building on the success of the first series of CoolRain NBA figures, the new set features Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and the first appearance of four S2 figures including Dwight Howard as a Laker, Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul. Limited to 1000 sets, BAIT's exclusive GID six-figure set will be available from October 29th @ 9PM PDT for $99 via the BAIT retail location in Diamond Bar, CA as well as baitme.com and pys.com.

BAIT will follow up this exclusive with a BAIT exclusive version of the new S2 figures wearing home jerseys versus the away jerseys featured in the standard retail edition. S2 will feature Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Pau Gasol, and Jeremy Lin. Look for the regular S2 ballers to drop in a couple of weeks from MINDstyle.


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Pretty In Plastic Bazaar @ Designer Con


The Pretty In Plastic booth will not only have toys, but also housewares, jewelry, and art objects at their Booth #116. At the Pretty in Plastic Bazaar they will have goods from Jai & Jai, KARVT, Brutherford Industries, B-PLUS, Miyu Decay, Elliot Jackson, Amber White, Pretty In Plastic, and some other surprises soon to come! They will also have face painting, masks, helium, and photographers. No idea what the helium is for, but sounds like a party!

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Toy Art Gallery – Designer Con Signings and Exclusives


Here we have a list of Toy Art Gallery will be bringing with them to Designer Con! They will be found at booth #400 will they have a selection of goodies that will tickle anyone’s fancies. They’ve got Galaxy People exclusive figures, Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser’s from Paul Kaiju, MyGuys by Meredith Dittmar, White Edition Deathshead (50 Pieces) by David Flores,  Metallic Rainbows Umous from Uamou, Nathan Hamill’s Strife and Sire figure, Waodog one offs from Waotoyz, and much more!

They will also have David Flores (12-12:30), Nathan Hamill (1-1:30), and Paul Kaiju (2-2:30) signing at their table!

They also mention a sneak peak of their TAG Lifesize figure series, which should be… well.. BIG!


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Lulubell x Shirahama x Yatsuashi Exclusive Halloween Kumon (10.31)


On Halloween Day at 11AM PST, Lulubell Toy Bodega will have a pre-order up for their exclusive Halloween 2012 Splattered Kumon figure with Shirahama and Yatsuashi. This release is cast in a clear vinyl, then painted within the inside and sprayed on the outside. They will retail $50 and are expected to ship in Mid November.


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Chris Ryniak – Stinky Ginger Debut & Release at Designer Con


Making its debut and exclusive release at Designer Con is Chris Ryniak’s Stinky Ginger sofubi figure! The “Raw Stinky” unpainted green vinyl colorway will be available at the Circus Posterus booth #500 this weekend! This figure definitely came out great and cannot wait to see some painted editions. Hopefully we get to see a few at the con.

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Oct 28, 2012

Ferg – Playge Doctor s003 [treats] (10.31)


Ferg’s got a sweet Halloween treat for collectors.  The black/grey +  orange Playge Doctor s003[treats] brings the dark magic shrouded in his wizard cloak and wielding orange clear jeweled sword cane and clear katana.  And finally, what would the 31st be without candy?  Doc s003 comes with Playge logo treats in a fancy cloth bag.    Limited to 200 pieces, Doc drops on Halloween – Wednesday  (10.31) @ Noon EDT [9 AM PDT]  for $95 [global shipping included] via the Squadt store.


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Oct 27, 2012

2012 Halloween Special Edition Android Mini (10.30)


Designed by Andrew Bell, this brand spanking Halloween Special Edition Android Mini is set to release the day before you get your sugar highs on! This “Teen Wolf” edition Android will be available on Tuesday, October 30th at 11PM EST and again on Halloween morning at 11AM EST in the Dead Zebra Shop. Don’t let this guy bite you, who knows what you will turn into!


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Otto Bjornik – Odyssey 1969 Custom Munnys


One very lucky collector has picked up Otto Bjornik to customize a pair of Kidrobot’s Munny platform figures. Their simple request was a couple of Astronauts, where Otto had taken it to another level. The details in this pair of customs is just amazing, especially with the subtle color palette. Check out more detailed shots after the jump! If you so happen to be looking for some commission work, you can contact Otto HERE

As they approached the moon, Neil A could no longer contain his excitement. They were just minutes to fulfilling mankind's giant leap. He didn't know what to expect but he was certain of one thing, he would be the first creature on the moon. Little did he know that he would come face to face with A Lien, the exact opposite of himself from a parallel universe, also certain that she would be the first creature on the moon....


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Circus Posterus – Designer Con Exclusive Calliope Jackalope by Kathie Olivas


The Circus Posterus Booth #500 at Designer Con will be the base for the first release of Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope figure. This Designer Con exclusive features a light blue vinyl with silver, white, black and flesh paint. They will be limited to only 120 pieces for $95 each. Who will  be there to try and score one of these beauts!

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DeKorner’s Exclusive Deathshead (10.31)

DeKorner has officially revealed it’s exclusive Deathshead by David Flores and BIC Plastics.  This red piece features gray and white accents.  Limited to 50 pieces, the Red Deathshead drops on Halloween (10.31) @ 9AM PDT for $109.99 from Dekorner.com.

Btw, completists will want to know  there’s also an as yet unannounced ‘fire’ edition which is almost entirely red.


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Kuso Vinyl’s Ponburger @ DesignerCon (11.3)

001-2012-07-25 14.03.16

Kuso Vinyl will be at DesignerCon once again and will be releasing their brand-new Ponburger vinyl coin bank, part of their KusoPon all-star series.  Limited to 300 pieces, this scrumptious edition follows the now sold-out  Luckitty Pon with a clever design that repurposes the ‘hands’ as pickles.   The 6” piece will be available for $25 from the Kuso Vinyl booth [#330].


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Oct 26, 2012

Toy Art Gallery – Designer Con Excluisve Deathshead by David Flores


David Flores’ Deathshead figure will be making an appearance at this years Designer Con. Released as White/Silver edition, this may yet be the most limited release to date as an edition of 25 pieces. David will also be in attendance of the show as well, so be sure to bring some goodies to get signed! Find him at booth #400.

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