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Oct 23, 2012

Flat Bonnie’s DesignerCon Exclusive 18” YetiBun Plush


Yukari of Flat Bonnie will be at DesignerCon with an exclusive hand-made 18” YetiBun plush (edition of 10, $35).  The exclusive edition will feature a sewn-in Flat Bonnie/DesignerCon tag as well as a signed/numbered hang tang.  YetiBun should have broad appeal. It’s cute without being overly so with just a bit of quirkiness in the mix thanks to it’s Yeti DNA.

As with Flat Bonnie’s other plush offerings, a portion of proceeds from YetiBun sales will be donated to bunny and animal rescues to increase awareness of the need to adopt rabbits and other animals.  Limited  to ten pieces, the exclusive YetiBun will be available in booth 530 @ DesignerCon (11.3) for $35 each. 

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