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Sep 09, 2012

More on The Loyal Subjects x Transformers Unveiled

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It was first at the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, where The Loyal Subjects revealed their upcoming collaborative t-shirt line with the Transformers. Clothes are cool and all, but what about the toys?! Not too long ago TLS posted some shots of a WIP Optimus Prime figure, designed by Les Schettkoe,  which closely resembles the T-shirt design. We hope to see Megatron, Jazz, Stary Scream, Grimlock, Thunder Cracker, Soundwave, and Bumble Bee brought to life real soon. 

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how get one or order it would to have them all big fan of Transformers need them xl if have them in that size.I can remeber when comics and brotted me joy when I was a kid.Just not out grown my dreams to meet or make a real Transformer Robot.

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