Luke Chueh — ‘I Am Your Plaything’ (9.7)


Luke Chueh will unveil a new collection of work for ‘I Am Your Plaything’ opening in September (9.7) @ Rotofugi in Chicago. As suggested by the title, the flier image of a lego-ized self portrait, and a recent instagram wip snap of a nesting doll piece, this new body of work is based on Luke’s experiences collecting and creating toys, as well the experience of being collected.  Expect to see a series of paintings based on various iconic elements of toy culture and in a fun twist, another series inspired by the numerous bootlegs of ‘I Asked for Scrambled’.

Luke Chueh || ‘I Am Your Plaything’
Opening: Friday September 7th 2012 (7-10 PM)

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614