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Aug 31, 2012

Paul Kaiju x Frenzy Brothers – PK Gets His Own Mock Head


Frenzybros and Paul Kaiju have teamed up to produce Pau'l’s very own Mock Head to fit onto their standard body. The very first release is made exclusive to Medicom and will be available on September 9th (JPN Time) for roughly $84 each. For overseas orders, check out the order form HERE. Japan orders can be made both HERE and HERE.


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Coarse Toys – paw! Blush Collection Selim Varol (09.12)


Working alongside Selim Varol, Coarse Toys has produced the paw! Blush edition. A stunning 12” figure to add to your pink collection. Just like previous releases, this edition comes professionally packaged in white sponge and is encased in wooden box designed after the figure itself. These will go on sale on September 12th at 8:59AM PST exclusively through Coarse and Toykio, where they will both have only 77 pieces each at $425 a pop.

Squeaking and nimble he appears on the scene. Only a few remaining spots of his white body shimmer in the morning glow. This early sunlight drowns out his surroundings while the rest of his massive appearance remains almost entirely shrouded by the glittering dust of the pink soil. His bright nose graciously fights for attention, and his daunting eyes hide behind their reflections of the blue sky.

Note to EU Collectors “ Please place your order at toykio.com. Orders at coarsehkg.com can not be accepted.”


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Leanna Lin’s Wonderland Presents: Pablove One Another (09.08)


Courtney of Bored Inc. and TokyoBunnie has compiled a number of artists to participate in ‘Pablove One Another’, a group show in hopes to raise money for Pablove, as well as raise awareness on pediatric cancer. The show will take place on Saturday, September 8th at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland from 6-10PM. Donating artists include:

64Colors, Andrea Kang, APAK, Axelhoney, Belinda Strong, Bored Inc., BubblefriendsBubi Au Yeung, Cakespy, Catalina Estrada, Charuca, CJ Metzger, Conduct Happiness, Crowded Teeth, Cuore, Em & Sprout, Gaston Caba, Gemma Correll, Helena Garcia, Hsinping Pan, Jannie Ho, Jennifer Davis, Jeremiah Ketner, Julie West, Kali Meadows, Kit Lane, Laura Berger, Lilidoll, LouLou & Tummie, Love and a Sandwich, Luli Bunny, Miss Mindy, Mochi Studios, Monster Factory, Mr. Toast, Noferin, Patty Variboa, Peskimo, Piktorama, Pretty Little Thieves, Rilla Alexander, Rosey Cheekes, Silvia Portella, Steph Says Hello, TADO, Team Kitten, and Yipori.

Pieces range from only $50 – $200 with the funds going to a great cause! Feel free to also RSVP on their Event Facebook Page HERE.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90041


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kaNO Sketch Series 1


Available today at Noon PST is the very first round of kaNO’s Sketch Series 1, which will be series  of sketched blind boxed figures only available in the kaNO kid Shop. This first run features Kidrobot’s DIY Munny figures in 8 different colors with matching accessory. Limit one per customers at $55 a pop. We’re already anticipating series 2 from what we see here!


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Kidrobot Is Having A Garage Sale


Kidrobot is cleaning out some old stock and is having a good ol’ fashioned Garage Sale-esque sale! Starting today through Monday, September 3rd they will have select items available for 50% off online and in store (excluding Cosmopolitan Las VegaS). If you spend $100 they will give you one of their Kidrobot To Swatch Dunny Deluxe Watch absolutely free! Also in store they will have 75% off their Spring and Summer Apparel. Check out some of the goods HERE.

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Bigfoot’s Kidrobot Exclusive Forest Warlord


It looks as though Kidrobot has nabbed their very own Forest Warlord exclusive figure from Bigfoot and Kuso Vinyl. No word on the drop release of this super limited 50 piece run, but be sure they will not last when it does drop. These will be available at a Kidrobot store or KR Online for $95. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this super vibrant colorway!


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Aug 29, 2012

Huck Gee – The Chardmonster


Huck Gee has just revealed his latest creations, The Chardmonster. A bit unusual from what we are used to seeing, but there is nothing wrong with a bit of change! Just as all his customs, the details and accessories will not go unnoticed. This custom features a couple potion bottles of the red and blue stuff, as well as a handy looking satchel. Does the belly remind anyone else of Charlie Brown? Each figure comes signed and numbered and is packaged in a laser etched wooden box. They are limited to 10 pieces and will retail $750 each. Reserve yours by sending in your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com.

"Gather round close. Pull up your cloaks. Stoke the fire. Raise a toast. Are the tales true? Here, here in these woods? With bottles of mischief and magical goods! He shuffles, he stumbles, he watches and waits. He lurks and he drinks and he'll keep us up late. Keep away! Keep away! Nobody's safe! The Chardmo, the Chardmo, the Chardmonster's here!" - said nobody, never.


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BlackBook Toy – Pre-Sale


It was a few months back when ZacPac had closed their doors, then they had mentioned they were planning on starting a new venture in September. That time has come and they are proud to announce their brand new company, BlackBook Toy. Their grand opening will take place on October 1st, but as of now, they have opened shop and made available a few select items. Also during their grand opening, they will release their very first original toy. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their future releases? Who will the be collaborating with?!

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Tosco – The Alpha Series Kickstarter Fundraiser *UPDATE*

060aade7b1045a538746edc574ce63fc_large 1776e37644fcf26ee862e54c86bb853c_large

The Kickstarter to help fund the Tosco Alpha Series has gotten a bit of an update that you may be interested in! They’ve just unveiled two more designs and a few more special package offers. Above we see Squink’s Frank and Fuller Designs’ Grrr 01 designs. They are both available in Customs packaged, where you get the design plus a DIY Tosco figure for only $65. They also have special offers on a Resellers Package, which may be something you want to link into. Check it all out HERE! We are curious to see the last of the three designs promised.


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Ferg – Jack s003 [Fort Burnout – DSRT] Retail


And the Squadt hits keep on coming from FERG.  The new Jack s003 [Fort Burnout – DSRT] Retail edition (6”) brings the fight to the sand in deadly style complete with multi-colored night vision goggles and Fort Burnout shirt and vest.  Jack’s gear also includes a   sUMP w/red dot and supressor, tanto knife, regular arms and 2.0 arms, some and yellow lenses and naturally, removable helmet.   This one is available for pre-order now at select retailers including dekorner, myplasticheart and rotofugi for $95.  Jack s003 is slated to ship in September.


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Tristan Eaton – ‘Dreamland Mickey’ Proto


On Monday we gave you a break down of Tristan Eaton’s  new releases planned for his debut appearance at STGCC (9.1 – 9.2).  While we mentioned that he was working with Julie B of Pretty in Plastic on a 15”  Dreamland Mickey resin sculpture based on his OG 6 foot x 8 foot original painting, we had only a quick teaser image for you.  Now, here’s an exclusive first look at a near-final (95%) prototype of the  sculpture.  While there’s some final tightening left to do, the sculpt is sick – nicely blending in the various elements (fish, rattlesnake, women, insects) from the painting into a realized 3D form.  

Take the time to look through the full set of turn-around shots (after the jump) – different angles highlight a different aspect of Tristan’s interpretation of the iconic mouse. The design plays a bit  off a public front-facing appearance and a more closely guarded personality. From the front, Mickey is mostly jovial with subtle cues to something amisss including the perhaps overlooked rattle on the left foot. Turn the figure around though, and the head of the snake on his left-hand reveals masked, darker intentions.  Limited to just 20 solid resin figures, Dreamland Mickey will be available for pre-order at STGCC [$1250 SGD / $998.96 USD]


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Shawnimals NoTM : Magma Ninja (9.5)


For September, Shawnimals will unleash Magma Ninja.  This once happy-go-lucky Baker Ninja, was forever transformed by just a drop of Dark Syrup surreptitiously added to one of his batches.  So let this be a warning to you, check twice before eating a treat baked by a Ninja.

Limited to 100 hand-made pieces, Magma Ninja features a molten appearance complete with patterned red cloth layered over charcoal plush for a cracked hot rock effect.  The 7” x 7”  Magma Ninja drops on Wednesday, September 5th 2012 @ 1 PM CDT (10 AM PDT) for $30 from the Ninja Shop  and as with all Ninja of the Month releases includes  a character button and sticker.


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Aug 27, 2012

Vinyl Unchiman Figure from Paul Kaiju?

553889_10152065204340500_809420654_n 419840_10152064267380500_1514102369_n

What’s this? Yet another new vinyl figure from the mad world of Paul Kaiju? Take a look at some shots of an upcoming figure from PK, which is based on his mini Unchiman resin figure. I think it’s safe to say that this figure is the shit! Above we see a test paint and a nice comparison shot next to Paul’s Boss Carrion. We cannot wait to see some full test shots and perhaps a date of his first release? Perhaps Designer Con or NYCC? More pics after the jump!


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Lou Pimentel x mphlabs – New Cranston Figure


mphlabs has just revealed a wee bit more about their new ‘Junior’ project with Lou Pimentel.  Last time we posted, we suggested that this is in fact a new Cranston vinyl.  While that hasn’t been officially confirmed, we now see the outline of the new figure, with a chubbier profile than the original resin. 

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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage Gallery – Glacier Panda King Severed Head (08.30)


We cannot get enough of all the Angry Woebots x Silent Stage as of late and here they’ve got another release for you! Dropping this Thursday, August 30th at 11AM PSD is the Glacier Panda King Severed Head. This colorway is an edition size of 60 pieces and features a 1 of every 3 Bonehead Chase (20 total chases). They will be available in the Silent Stage Shop for $65 a piece.

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Brutherford Industries x 3DRetro – Exclusive Toxic Taste GID Multipack


Brutherford Industries has a tasty toxic treat for you! Take a look at the ‘GID Toxic Taste’ Multi pack, exclusive to 3DRetro. This super bright edition is limited to only 25 pieces and includes both a full and mini size editions. Find them HERE for $85 a set! Get em’ before they melt away forever!

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Tristan Eaton @ STGCC (9.1 – 9.2)


Tristan Eaton is heading to Singapore for his debut appearance at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (9.1 – 9.2).  Collectors attending the show are in for a treat with three brand new releases. 

  • The first is a crazy limited-edition Dreamland Mickey Resin Sculpture sculpted and cast by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic.  Based on Tristan’s original 6’ x 8’ painting as a commission for Everlast, the intricate sculptures are limited to 20 pieces and will be available for pre-order [$1250 SGD, $998.96 USD].
  • Next up is an STGCC exclusive ‘bots figure in black + gold  [300 pcs, $20 SGD ($16 USD)], the first of several planned Tristan Eaton x Kidrobot items to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary.  
  • Tristan will also release a silk-screen print of the album art he created for Everlast’s ‘Songs of the Ungrateful Living’ [100 pcs, $125 SGD ($99.90 USD)].   Signed by both Tristan and Everlast, the print was produced by 1xRun. All profits from the print will be donated to the Great Strides fundraiser for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which works to find a cure for this cruel disease which afflicts children including Everlast’s three year old daughter.  

If you’re going to STGCC, be sure to drop by Tristan’s booth [E15] to watch him paint live and check out these new drops as well as several other limited edition books + toys. 


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Seen x Public Works – Mini Billboards (8.29)


LALA Arts is about to release a series of  limited-edition series of metal die-cast mini-billboards based on the Public Works project billboards going up around LA, designed by a select group of leading street artists and graffiti writers.  First up is Seen, the Godfather of Graffiti, with two designs – one based on his large billboard and the other on his junior format sign.  Here’s a look at Seen signing both editions which feature his bubble tags.  Both editions are limited to 35 pieces and will be released on Wednesday August 29th 2012 @ 9 AM PDT  from LALA Arts for $95 each.

Organized by Daniel Lahoda of LALA arts and Rick Robinson of MacDonald Media, the Public Works project turns the status quo on its ear, providing artists who  have historically had to dodge the law in order to make their art, a high-profile, legal platform for expression.  These limited-edition die-cast billboards capture the essence of the project in a highly-collectible format.


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Aug 25, 2012

CoolRain x MINDstyle – Dunkeys come to Vinyl (18”, 5”)


Korean toy artist Coolrain has made a name for himself for his hand-made 1:6 figures and in particular his bold Dunkeys series of monkey characters celebrating hoops and sneaker culture.   Now, MINDstyle brings  his signature characters into production vinyl in both 18” and 5” forms.  Naturally, the new figures use Coolrain’s stylized NBA platform design featured in MINDstyle’s NBA figure lineup.  

Limited to 300 pieces, the 18” Dunkeys 23 features Pithecuse (#23)  and has an SRP of $275.00.  .  The 5” Dunkeys Triple Threat features all three  Dunkeys characters: Pithecuse #23, Simius #91, and Mono #3. Limited to 500 pieces each, the 5” Dunkeys will retail for $40 each.  Both offerings were pre-released at the recent milestone POP LIFE! exhibition in Beijing and Vinyl on Vinyl in Manila.  Pre-orders are being taken now ahead of the official release on Saturday September 29th. After the jump check out two photos of the sweet Dunkeys display at POP LIFE! via Coolrain’s blog.



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Aug 24, 2012

Mindzai x Vinyl Pulse Fan Expo Contest


To those of us in the states, three conventions come to mind in terms of toys and collectibles – SDCC, NYCC and DesignerCon.  In Canada,  it’s Fan Expo (8.23 – 8.26) in Toronto which has quite a following with roughly 85-90K  attendees (NYCC draws about 120k)  expected for this year’s event which features a good mix of pop culture, comics, and a small dose of vinyl.  To celebrate their first booth at  the convention, new toy boutique Mindzai has teamed up with us on a Fan Expo contest. The winner will receive a prize pack valued at $200 including :

  • Glossy Black Labbit
  • MindZai Tee
  • Bear Kid Tee
  • 3 x $25 Mindzai gift vouchers

Entering is simple, head on over to the official contest page and fill out the short form which will also add you to both the Mindzai and VP mailing lists. Or if you are at Fan Expo, drop by Mindzai’s booth [#1128].  Finally, keep an eye out on VP for sights from the convention.

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Simpsons x Kidrobot – Homer Buddha


The collaborative Homer Buddha from Simpsons x Kidrobot made it’s debut and release at SDCC as an Exclusive Gold colorway. Now Kidrobot plans on releasing an original colorway, which will be available on Thursday, September 6th at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers. Each Homer Buddha stands 7” tall and will retail $50 each.


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Jon Knox’s New Kimberly & Diedra Figures & Custom Cody Release


Remember our post on Jon Knox’s newest and first female character (HERE)? It looks as though she has got dolled up with some paint and finally given the name Kimberly. Standing nearly 8” tall, this sculpt is a one-off. Not just in custom terms, but this sculpture will not be re-casted or reproduced in any way. You can expect Jon to do more of these type of releases. Speaking of which… he is also working on another one-off sculpture and his second female character, Diedra. A poodle inspired character soon to be painted and released. See her after the jump due to NSFW issues… I think.


In custom news, Jon will soon be releasing two customs on his Vinyl figure with Bonustoyz, Cody. You can find them HERE and HERE at $250 a piece. Available now, so get em' before they're gone!


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – 6” Lava Bear Gazer Panda Bust Available Now

lava bear dual shot

Based Angry Woebots Design, J*RYU’s Sculpt, and produced by Silent Stage, the new 6” Lava Bear Gazer Panda Bust is now up for grabs! This is a run of only 10 editions and will run you $175 a piece. The are available HERE and indicates that they are low in stock, so you had better jump on this quickly! I know I used this on Facebook already, but Get em’ while they’re hot! Lava = Hot….

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Seen: The Art of the Assassin at DTLA Gallery


Last night, the touring ‘Art of the Assassin’ exhibition opened at DTLA gallery featuring artistic interpretations of the revolutionary war themes explored in Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 console game (10.30).  Co-presented with Rock the Vote, the show features work from Mark Dean Veca, Brian Flynn, Justin Bartlett, Racecar 13, Dual Forces and many more.  Artist Thank You X was also painting live in the gallery.  Up in the loft, one of the game’s illustrators demoed the new game which boasts an even more immersive experience than the previous two games, in part through a more flexible combat system.   The party aspect officially kicked off with DJ Skee doing his thing, while people looked at the art and put on revolutionary war era costumes for the photo booth experience.

Over the next few months, The Art of the Assassin is set to travel Eastward to several locations to be announced.   In October, the show returns to LA for an art auction benefitting Rock the Vote’s efforts to mobilize the youth of America to have their voices heard at the polls.


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Doktor A. x Kidrobot – Ironclad Decimator 8” Dunny (09.06)


WHOA NOW! HEY NOW! Kidrobot’s Dunny has come a long way over the years, now featuring more amazing details and sculptural changes to the original figure.  Doktor A. takes full advantage of the idea and that’s exactly what we have here. Pull the bottom of your jaw off the ground and take a gander at Dok’s 8” Ironclad Decimator Dunny. These will be available in two colorways, the first being a metallic silver and gold Kidrobot Exclusive edition, that features transparent blue lightning bolt accessory shooting in between both ears. The Mecha Rupture Edition features the signature pink body with black and white vertical stripes, with transparent black lightening bolt. These are exclusive to select retailers, who include:

3D Retro @ Meltdown Comics, Ozzo Collection, Atama, Atomic Books, Camiondepompier, Kidrobot @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Daddy Kool, Domy Austin, Dragatomi, FOOSH, Freak Store, Graywhale, GUNNZO, Guzu Gallery, Happy Panda Toys, HEADQUARTER MEXICO, HEADQUARTER VANCOUVER, Insomnia Video Game Culture and Vinyl Toys, KAWAII GIFTS, Missing Link Toys, LIFT Detroit, Lulubell Toys, Magic Pony, MCA Chicago, Mixi-Bang!, MODA3, Lost Marbles, , Munky King, myplasticheart, Newbury Comics, Paradise Toy, Park Ave CDs, Plastic Chapel, The Other Culture, Prototype, Rojo Bermelo, Rotofugi, Screaming Sky Gallery, Fresh Manila, Chindogu Gallery,SOMOS, Kinki Robot, Sub-Urban Vinyl, TATE’S COMICS+TOYS+VIDEOS+MORE, The Discovery Hut, ToiToy, Tomdachi, ToyQube, and Yuu Toys.

Each colorway is limited to 600 pieces with a 1:6 Chase figure. They will drop on Thursday, September 6th and will retail $75 each. Will this be on anyone else’s wishlist?


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