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Aug 31, 2012

Coarse Toys – paw! Blush Collection Selim Varol (09.12)


Working alongside Selim Varol, Coarse Toys has produced the paw! Blush edition. A stunning 12” figure to add to your pink collection. Just like previous releases, this edition comes professionally packaged in white sponge and is encased in wooden box designed after the figure itself. These will go on sale on September 12th at 8:59AM PST exclusively through Coarse and Toykio, where they will both have only 77 pieces each at $425 a pop.

Squeaking and nimble he appears on the scene. Only a few remaining spots of his white body shimmer in the morning glow. This early sunlight drowns out his surroundings while the rest of his massive appearance remains almost entirely shrouded by the glittering dust of the pink soil. His bright nose graciously fights for attention, and his daunting eyes hide behind their reflections of the blue sky.

Note to EU Collectors “ Please place your order at toykio.com. Orders at coarsehkg.com can not be accepted.”

paw!_blush2 paw!_blush7 paw!_blush8 paw!_blush9 paw!_blush10 paw!_blush11 paw!_blush12 paw!_blush13 paw!_blush14 paw!_blush3 paw!_blush4 paw!_blush5 paw!_blush6

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