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Jul 27, 2012

The Super Suck Up! @ DesignerCon (11.3)

If you thought last year's non-stop dose of Sucklord @ DesignerCon was over the top, well you ain't seen nothing yet. This time around, Mr. Suck has his own 'con within DesignerCon (11.3) -- the aptly named Suck-Con. One of the highlights of Suck-Con is sure to be 'The Super Suck Up!' group show presented by the pranksters at DKE featuring limited-edition Sucklord bootleg action figures by a talented (and clearly delusional) lineup of artists including Billions McMillions, Buff Monster, DrilOne, Doktor A., Ferg, Frank Kozik, Jason Freeny, L’Amour Supreme, Luke Chueh, Matt Doughty/Onell Design, October Toys, Paulkaiju, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner, and wait for it... The Sucklord himself. Limited to 50 pieces each, the artist edition figures will come on specially-designed blister cards designed by Sucklord and will be available for the low, low, can't refuse, please pinch me price of $100 each.

If that wasn't enough Suckiness for one calendar year, Suck-Con will feature the second coming of the Suckathon featuring hour after hour of Sucklord and his 'guests'. But wait there's more including 'A Losing Proposition: 2004 - 2012', a staggeringly thorough look back at the artist's body of work including seemingly hundreds of bootleg figures amassed by perhaps the foremost Sucklord collector (or as Sucklord would describe him, Sucker #1) on planet Earth and we suspect, the universe. Finally, Suck-Con will also feature the Suckcarnival which we'll leave up to your imagination for the time being.


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