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Jul 20, 2012

Winson Ma x Taobao -- Apextaobao

Apextaobao color version lo res 5 Apextaobao special version lo res 1

This summer’s a great time to be a Winson Ma collector.  In addition to the upcoming 1:6 Apexworkbot figures, Winson has collaborated with Asian online behemoth TaoBao on a brand-new Apexplorer vinyl format figure known simply as Apextaobao.  Standing roughly 12” tall, Apextaobao combines a designer vinyl style body with over-sized head featuring  plush hair (nice touch) and the detailed  clothing often associated with 1:6 style figures.  Available in both a regular Color edition (orange parka, 1000 pcs, $123) and a special edition (white parka, 500 pcs, $154), the new figure will be available for pre-order through 7.31 via Winson Creation [info@winsoncreation.com] and TaoBao.com and is slated for an August Drop.


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Dust’s The Teddy R.B.S.IV Open Helmet Edition

dust12_R.B.S.IV_oreiginal dust12_RBS_openhelmet_3

Back in 2007, Dust released his ‘The Teddy R.B.S.IV’ figures (above on the left). Now, he’s revisiting the design with the Open Helmet Edition (run of 10) which is shown above on the right. As the edition name suggests, the new figure features a new head sculpt revealing the identity of the little dude inside the suit. The new design reveals just a bit more about the character and is a clever way of updating the series. Photos of the new polyurethane figure in its unpainted form show off a super clean and shiny surface, a testament to Dust’s high level of execution. We’ll be sure to bring you photos of the painted pieces when they are done.


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Winson Ma : ApeExplorers II -- Apexworkbot

Apexworkbot Ad 5

Winson Ma is about to unleash the 2nd chapter of his popular ApeExplorers 1:6 toy line with the upcoming Apexworkbot figure from Hot Toys.  Sent by ApeExplorer Adam in Earth’s time of crisis, the Apexworkerbots work to establish an underground sanctuary for humanity.  

It’s good to see Winson continuing to add to ApeExplorers as we haven’t seen a release in a while.  Rather than sticking with apes, he’s opted to expand the storyline and add some variety  with this new robot fig.  Look for this one shortly.


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – 30” Gazer Panda Bust

30inch panda 6

Seen at their SDCC booth, Silent Stage is now taking orders for the giant 30” Gazer Panda bust from Angry Woebots.  Limited to 10 hand-painted pieces, the first edition offers a cool bonus – a choice of accent colors (shown w/red+blue above).  So each of the first ten is a 1/1 of sorts. The 30” Gazer in fiberglass resin  is available for $1200 (+ s/h) by dropping a line to sales[at]silentstagegallery[dot]com.  Next up? Dcon.


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Preview: Touma & Friends 10th Anniversary Show (7.21)

318814_473559242656864_161782450_n 1_touma_skuttle

Munky King will present the opening of ‘Touma & Friends: 10th Anniversary Show’ at their Melrose location on Saturday (7.21).  Celebrating a decade of Touma’s infectious characters, the exhibition  will feature an exclusive Skuttle (15 pcs USA of 30 worldwide), a pre-order for a new 5” Destodon (15 pcs USA of 30 worldwide) original art and toy customs from Touma as well as original interpretations of his characters from a talented group of his artist friends.    Guest artists include Aguru Mukai, Bwana Spoons, Christopher Mitchell, Chikuwaemil,Tim Tsui, Mori Chack, David Horvath, Nathan Hamill, Emilio Garcia, Frank Kozik, Jesse Hernandez, Kaijin, Kenny Wong, Luke Chueh, Devilrobots, Mark Nagata, Satoshi Yoshioka, Scott Tolleson, Shojono Tomo, Tristan Eaton and more.  Hit the jump for a preview of some of the customs and original art featured in the exhibition.

Touma & Friends: 10th Anniversary Show
Opening: Saturday, July 21st 2012 (7-10 PM)

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Jul 19, 2012

Freak Store Presents: Fonzo Custom Show (07.25)


Freak Store’s original vinyl Figure Fonzo has got a custom show on the way! Taking place on Wednesday, July 25th, their little mascot will be getting a makeover. Participating artists in this show include: 64Colors, Betso, Brandt Peters, Burundanga Design, Charles Rodríguez, Chauskoskis, DrilOne, Gabriel Carpio, Gabriel Mesa, Gary Ham, Gerard MDS, Jeremiah Ketner, Kathie Olivas, Map-Map, Murkasec, M-lon, Oui Design, RonaldArtx, Rsin, RunDMB, Sergio Mancini, Simplevector, Squink, The Beast Brothers and Travis Lampe. The show will run from 7-11PM and should be a blast!

Freak Store
Centro San Ignacio. Nivel Jardin
Sector Las Vegas. Local LV-22
Caracas, Venezuela, 1060

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TT Underground Presents: Zukie Vs. The World! (07.27)

photo 2 photo 1

Taking place on Friday, July 27th at TT Underground is an everything Zukie art exhibition. Miss Zukie is invited a number of artists to have their way with the DIY Zukie figure for this exhibit. Participating artists include: Adam Pratt, Alarment, AW177, Benny Kline, Blazon Brikhaus, Brian A., CashCannon, Chris Moore, Cyberphunkk, Davemarkart, David Kraig, Ian Chapman, James Fuller, Jason Dollin, Jeff Beck, Josh Marlar, Josh Mayhem, Ken Ziobro, LEWNATIK, Melodreama, MikieDie, Miss Zukie, Mr. Den, OsiRisORion, Scott Kinnebrew, Shawn Wigs, Tasha Zimich, Travis Lykins, VIOLENT CRATCHIT, YoMi, Zam Art, and Zukaty. The show will take place from 6-10PM.

TT Underground
91 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003

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2012 Designer Toy Awards Finalists + Voting


Last Thursday @ Munky King’s SDCC Party, Clutter announced the finalists for the 2012 Designer Toy Awards (list is after the jump).  Congrats to all  who have made noteworthy contributions to the art toy scene across a wide variety of categories including Artist of the Year, Toy of the Year, Best Store, and yes, Best Blog to which Vinyl Pulse is grateful to have been selected as a finalist.  Now that the finalists have been announced, it’s time to vote.  Head on over to designertoyawards.com and vote for your favorites in each of the ‘Community Choice’ categories. Don’t forget that you can vote once a day through the end of voting on September 1st.  And while you’re pondering your choice for ‘Best Blog’, we’d appreciate your consideration.   The 2012 DTA ceremony will take place on October 13th 2012 in NYC during NYCC with none other than Sucklord as the MC.


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Rotofugi Presents: Amanda Visell In “Tough Enough” & Michelle Valigura in “Bandimals” (08.03)


On Friday, August 3rd, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura will be showcasing their newest works at Rotofugi in Chicago. They will have their own individual exhibits, with Amanda’s being titled ‘Tough Enough’ and Michelle’s titled ‘Bandimals’. Expect paintings, ceramics, and much more! Both Amanda and Michelle will be attendance at the show, which will run from 7-10PM.

2780 North Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

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Jul 18, 2012

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - DX Dokuro Sludge Demon " Psycho Swirl Joker" & “Harley Quinn” Chase Release

Joker_1 HQ

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has a special release for all you Batman fans! Just in time for this weekends Summer Hit, MVH will be holding a lottery release for his “Psycho Swirl Joker” DX Dokruo Sludge Demon.This release is cast in a GID vinyl and is painted with metallics, fluorescents, and clear paints. This edition also features GID swirl doll eyes  and a knife accessory for $110 + S&H.

There will also be a limited edition “Harley Quinn” Chase available through MVH’s online store. First come first serve! This will take place on Friday, July 20th between 11PM & Midnight. Just like the Joker, this edition is also cast in GID vinyl  and comes with a gun accessory and will also be available for $110.

Lottery details after the jump!


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Angry Woebots & Silent Stage @ SDCC


The Silent Stage booth at SDCC was fully laced with a ton of goods from prints, t-shirts, Gazer Busts, Panda King Heads and customs! Also on display were some amazing collaborative custom Gazer Busts by J*Ryu, which is something everyone needs to see in person. If money were’nt an issue I wouldn’t have had a problem picking one of everything from this booth. Big shouts go out to Lightsleepers for the chocolates straight from Hawaii!


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Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl – Miquitzticoatl Wax Figure


Kuso Vinyl has just posted this update on their upcoming vinyl figure with Jesse Hernandez, Miquitzticoatl (Death Serpent). What we see above is the wax figure, which will soon be used to turn this amazing sculpt into a toy that we will all will be adding to our want lists. We hope to see more updates from Kuso very soon!

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Angry Woebots – Honey Bear Gazer Bust


Who saw this release coming? The very appropriate Clear “Honey” Bear Gazer bust is the next release to come from Angry Woebots and Silent Stage. This bust stands 6” tall and is limited to only 50 pieces. They will retail $135 each and will be available very soon! For Pre-Order Inquiries send an email to sales[at]silentstagegallery[dot]com.

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Jul 17, 2012

Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Goon Squad Mini-Busts (7.26)

Frank Kozik has conspired with Kidrobot to bring his dictator busts to the masses.  The Goon Squad is a series of 4” mini-busts parodying five well-known world leaders.  The colorful and cranky cast includes The Pyong Yang Player, DJ Aya-Holla, Lil IIchy, The Gipper and the Havana Slammer.  Each of the Goon Squad members will be available in separately with the color being blind until the box is opened (red, white blue, yellow, pink and black).

By translating Frank’s irreverent wit from his popular but decidedly high-end bust series down into an affordable cubicle friendly size, Kidrobot may have its edgiest, conversation starting mini-fig series to date. Plus some of these are hilarious including DJ Aya-Holla and The Havana Slammer. The Goon Squad drops on July 26th from Kidrobot and select retailers for $9.95.

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Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy @ SDCC



Martin Hsu is a proud new father… of the brand new Dragon Boy vinyl (7.5”), his first vinyl art toy.  I had a chance to check out the figure in person at Martin’s SDCC booth and came away impressed.  Manufactured under the careful watch of VTSS Toys,  final piece retains the whimsy and adventure of Martin’s character with seemingly few compromises in the translation to 3D.  The fun figure seems to max out the possibilities of the medium with organic sculpted elements throughout including the curvy tale with numerous spikes, the flames surrounding the head and those tiny arms.  And to top it off, Martin funded this project on his own in order to make it happen according to his vision.  Following the pre-order and limited SDCC drop,  the OG version (300 pieces) will be available in the official online release on 7.23 from martinhsu.com and vtsstoys.com  for $85.  Dragon Boy is one of the nicer releases of 2012 so far, worth a look.



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Frank Kozik’s Elvis Bust Proto @ SDCC


For SDCC, Frank Kozik showed off a proto of his upcoming 16” Elvis bust in the DKE booth.  While officially un-named as of yet, we’ve heard ‘Dead Elvis’ and SkulloElvis (or at least something close to that).  At any rate, the King will live on in style with his removable sunglasses accessory.  No word yet on a drop date for the latest in the long and distinguished line of Kozik busts.

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SMFU Event @ 5&A Dime


The San Diego Convention Center wasn’t the only place that could draw a crowd, as the Super Magic Funtime Unit event at 5&A Dime was the most happenin’ corner Downtown. Lulubell Toys brought Paul Kaiju, Grody Shogun, Velocitron, Itokin Park, Skinner and much more together to bring to everyone a toy release that they would never forget. We saw many cross over custom releases, as well as the debut of Paul Kaiju’s Pollen Kaiser figure and Grody Shogun’s new Miki figure. More photos after the jump!


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Jul 16, 2012

#vpjulytoyshot – Recap of the First Two Weeks

001-5d66de54c60a11e1a38422000a1c8933_7   b12ed0c4cc6c11e1a38422000a1c8933_7

At the beginning of the month, we started the Vinyl Pulse Toy Shot feature on Instagram. Each week we post a fun theme and  ask vinyl toy addicts (that’s you) to shoot and post toy photos matching the theme.   To add to the fun we’re offering a prize for each week’s best photo as chosen by the VP staff (better known as Jack and Kris).  This week’s theme is ‘Summer Sun’.  We’re looking forward to seeing shots of your toys enjoying the lazy season. For July, the hash tag to use and check is  #vpjulytoyshot.

So what happened to weeks 1 and 2?  Glad you asked.  For week 1’s ‘4th of July’ theme, the winner was @bardenpho’s clever melting Milton riff on the good ‘ol ‘red, white, and blue’.  For week 2, the theme was a combo of SDCC or Monsters for those not at the mother of all ‘cons.  For capturing the essence of SDCC with the shot of a smiling Gloomy Bear cosplayer next to a case full of customs in the Dragatomi booth, @kimmaaahh is week 2’s winner.  Each winner will receive a super awesome King Ken blind-box mini-fig.  Hit us up on twitter (@vinylpulse) with your address, and we’ll get those out to you.

Thanks to all who took the time to snap a photo and post it to instagram.  Haven’t joined in on the fun yet? No prob. Just rock a toy photo that fits the ‘Summer Sun’ theme and post it with #vpjulytoy shot by the end of this week (7.14).  A blind-box King Ken and eternal fame (well…. kinda) awaits the person who posts the best shot.

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Dez Einswell @ SDCC


Dez Einswell had everything from resin toys, to plush, to skateboards and prints at his booth during SDCC. On display was his new Herme Figure, Dez’s collaborative figure with J*Ryu, Sky Wok-R and his new upcoming Be@rbrick. All of which I want to get my filthy hands on! Hope to see these available on his online store very soon!


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Scott Toleson @ SDCC

IMG_2417 IMG_2418

Scott Tolleson had a few goods at his booth during SDCC. Two of which that stood out was his collaborative plush figure Bart with Luke Chueh and A Little Stranger, last seen HERE and his new Sofubi figure, Dead Beet. It was great to see these pieces in person and I believe the Dead Beets went fairly quickly. Can’t wait to see those in a painted run!

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Mark Gonzales x Super7 – Krooked Priest


On display and not yet for sale is Super7’s collaborative figure with legendary skateboarder and artist, Mark Gonzales. The Krooked Priest was last seen at last years SDCC and is expected to release sometime in August.


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Rotobox @ SDCC


The brothers of Rotobox flew all the way out from the Philippines to grace the Kuso Vinyl booth with their presence. They also brought along with them their huge Mazinga Z Qee, so everyone that has not been able to see one in person had the chance to at SDCC. We also can’t forget the debut release of their Revolver Girl.


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Jesse Hernandez – Cement Ozomahtli @ SDCC


Jesse Hernandez had on display at the Kuso Vinyl booth, his custom Cement Ozomahtli figures. Limited to only 5 pieces, this may be a grail for those who are complete on these figures. We also caught up with Jesse during his signing at the Kuso Booth.


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Kronk x Kidrobot Presents: 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Mini Series


You would think all the SDCC shenanigans would put Kidrobot behind in releases, but it looks like they will be releasing a new mini Labbit series set to release on Thursday, July 26th. Kronk takes Kozik’s legendary Labbit figure and adds his own 8 Deadly Sins twist on them. We have Greed, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Dejection all packed into these 2.5” tall figures for $9.95 a piece. These will be available at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online and specialty retailers.


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Squid Kids Ink. – Mini 10-Doh figures @ SDCC


Squid Kids Ink. had all of their Mini 10-Doh figures on display during SDCC. I really love the idea of the Golden Cartridges, which brought back a lot of memories. They also had a couple exclusive releases for sale at the event for only $20. Artists in this series include Andrew Wilson, Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Frank Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt JonesNakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson and Tracy Tubera.


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