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Jul 31, 2012

Halo x 3A – Spartan MKV Commando & Commander Carter

622466_243441639109521_617592033_o 3A_Halo_SpartanMarkVCommando_online1

3A follows up the incredible, behemoth MGS Rex toy with, their first two 1:6  figures from another blockbuster game – HALO.  Both the Commander Carter Spartan-III (blue) and the Bambaland Exclusive Spartan MarkV Commando (grey) stand 13.5” tall, include fiber-optic helmet and armor, magnetic weapon attach points, rubberized removable combat suits, rifle, frag grenades (x2) and a combat knife – in short the full nine.    Both Spartans are available now at Bambaland now for $200 each.  Plus, Commander Carter is available for pre-order at select-retailers including DeKorner ($220, free shipping ]til 8.25).

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Vannen x Tristan Eaton x Breaking Bad

After giving The Walking Dead the watch treatment, Vannen now turns its attention to another red hot prime time series from AMC -- Breaking Bad. Designed by Tristan Eaton, Contaminant features 'The Fly' (on the watch dial) which drove Walter into a frenzy in season three as he made repeated attempts to eliminate the winged pest lest it ruin his latest batch. The design also incorporates Walter's dark alter ego, Heisenberg, in stylized skull form on the watch rear. Keep an eye out for an upcoming giveway in which twelve of the new watches, produced in conjunction with the Breaking Gifs art project, will be up for grabs. What we're really waiting for though, is the full reveal.

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Jul 30, 2012

Reactor-88's Custom Corner : Frank Mysterio


Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. For July we are highlighting Rafael Pantoja, probably better known in the toy world as Frank Mysterio. Rafael resides in Mexico City and works as a graphic designer by day, but come night he shifts gears and moves to his art- which consists of graffiti, painting, digital illustration and of course custom art toys. I've been following Rafael's work for a while now, and one thing that amazes me is the quantity of work he puts out. I was under the impression he was a full-time artist, but I guess he just never sleeps. Rafael has a range of styles, which are based on Mexican culture and the use of excess color. I'm particularly partial to his Dead Robot customs, indigenous pieces like his Tlaloc Marshall set, and most recently the super bright, rainbow sprays of pieces like his Rebel Azteka 2. Besides churning out more custom toys, Rafael is currently working on an original Kaiju toy with good friends Chauskoskis and BTZ, and will have a show in September focusing on Kaiju and replicas of pre-Hispanic handicrafts. To keep up with Frank Mysterio and see more of his work, follow him on Twitter and check out his Flickr page.

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Jul 28, 2012

Kozik x Kidrobot- Mini Smorkin Labbit: Now with Friend Chicken! (08.09)


There’s been a lot of Labbit action going as of late, as Kozik and Kidrobot are out to release yet another Mini Labbit series. Introducing the Mini Smorkin Labbit – Now with Friend Chicken series. This new series features 18 new designs. which include Labbit at war, glossy, camouflaged, royal, hungry, clear, chatty, bolted, nuclear, detained, cut up, bloody, dotted, and armed with chicken.This series also features a new sitting and standing Labbit figures. They will be available on Thursday, August 9th at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers for $4.95 each.


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Hey Cavey – Champion Cavey Available Now


Not sure if you knew this or not, but the 2012 Olympics has just taken off! To celebrate, Hey Cavey created the Champion Caveys. Each Cavey represents one of each of the 5 Olympic Rings. Each Cavey are handmade and come with a medal, union jack flag enamel badge, and are packaged in the new Cavey Cubes! Find them all available HERE for $25 each.


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Jul 27, 2012

The Super Suck Up! @ DesignerCon (11.3)

If you thought last year's non-stop dose of Sucklord @ DesignerCon was over the top, well you ain't seen nothing yet. This time around, Mr. Suck has his own 'con within DesignerCon (11.3) -- the aptly named Suck-Con. One of the highlights of Suck-Con is sure to be 'The Super Suck Up!' group show presented by the pranksters at DKE featuring limited-edition Sucklord bootleg action figures by a talented (and clearly delusional) lineup of artists including Billions McMillions, Buff Monster, DrilOne, Doktor A., Ferg, Frank Kozik, Jason Freeny, L’Amour Supreme, Luke Chueh, Matt Doughty/Onell Design, October Toys, Paulkaiju, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner, and wait for it... The Sucklord himself. Limited to 50 pieces each, the artist edition figures will come on specially-designed blister cards designed by Sucklord and will be available for the low, low, can't refuse, please pinch me price of $100 each.

If that wasn't enough Suckiness for one calendar year, Suck-Con will feature the second coming of the Suckathon featuring hour after hour of Sucklord and his 'guests'. But wait there's more including 'A Losing Proposition: 2004 - 2012', a staggeringly thorough look back at the artist's body of work including seemingly hundreds of bootleg figures amassed by perhaps the foremost Sucklord collector (or as Sucklord would describe him, Sucker #1) on planet Earth and we suspect, the universe. Finally, Suck-Con will also feature the Suckcarnival which we'll leave up to your imagination for the time being.


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Jul 26, 2012

Jon Knox’s Newest Sculpt


It looks as though Jon Knox has finally come through with his first female resin figure! A couple years back we interviewed Jon and asked him about the lack of female figures (Seen HERE):

VP: Give Human faces on Dog bodies a try.. see how that works out.. Another question about your toys.. How come we never see some lady figures? Any chance of seeing any of those soon?

JK: Actually, yeah. I've had ideas for a while and have been doing sketches, but I want to do it right. I don't want to make super cutesy girls or bikini babes. Because it's been so long since I've created female characters, I will probably beat myself up about it for another year before releasing anything.

I guess he has beat himself enough, because this female figure is finally coming to fruition. We have no details other than the figure standing roughly 8” tall and will be painted tomorrow! Stay tuned for more details!

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Bwana Spoons x Angel Abby – Exclusive Ocean Sleeping Killer


It looks as though Angel Abby has got their hands on their very own exclusive Killer from Bwana Spoons. The Ocean Sleeping Killer will be available for overseas collectors on Sunday, July 29 in their online shop. They will run $45 +S&H and is a must for all you Killer completists!

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Huck Gee – ClutterMunk Print Release


Are you in search of some Huck Gee goodness for your walls? Well Huck has just released 3 new prints that feature his latest character, ClutterMunk. Available are the “Campfire”, “River”, and “Snow” prints at $30 each. They are also limited to 100 each and measure 10” x 10” and come signed, numbered, and gold embossed. Find them all HERE.

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Shawnimals’ NoTM: Animal Spirit Ninja (8.1)


Grrrrr… or is it ahwoooooo (howls make us happy) ? We’re not quite sure what kind of sounds wee Ninja’s disguised as feral creatures really make. But we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of awwwwws on the lips of collectors  for Shawnimals Ninja of the Month for August, the Animal Spirit Ninja.  Clad in fall colors, this ‘lil one has a removable wild creature hood to blend into the wild woods. Limited to 100 pieces, the 7” hand-made plush will drop on Wednesday August 1st 2012 @ 1 PM CDT (10 AM PDT) for $30 from the Ninja shop.


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Jul 25, 2012

Painted Triple Crown Monster Revealed!


The first painted edition of the Triple Crown Monster has finally been revealed! Put together by Chris Ryniak, Squibbles Ink., Rotofugi, and Shinbone Creative, this colorway is limited to 50 pieces and will retail $100 each. They will be available at the Yo Yo Expert table during the Triple Crown of Yo Yo at Millennium Park in Chicago on Saturday, July 28th. Some pieces will be held for the World Yo Yo Contest in Orlando and the remaining pieces will then be sold through Triple Crown Yo Yo.

Rotofugi will also have some unpainted orange Triple Crown Monsters available at their table for $80 each. Any remainders will be available online on Monday, July 30th.


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Scribe – “Organic Honey” Rumpus & Manos Release (07.26)

60b80470d6b811e18b0122000a1e8b96_7 6e13ef2ad6b911e1a5a31231381b3f77_7

Tomorrow at 5PM Central, Scribe will be having two releases up for grabs in his Webstore. Available will be the “Organic Honey” edition of his Rumpus and Manos figures. Both are limited to 3 pieces each and are expected to go fast!

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Seen -- Secret Base: Japanese Devil @ Toy Art Gallery


On Saturday July 7th, right before comic-con, Toy Art Gallery welcomed the legendary Japanese toymaker Secret Base with the opening of ‘Japanese Devil’.  While we made it to the opening, its only now in the aftermath of SDCC that we’ve had a chance to pull together our photos and some excellent crowd shots from Frank Schaefer/TAG in order to bring you a comprehensive look at the exhibition which ends on Saturday (7.28). 

The show featured the debut of  the brand-new Karakasa Obake figure from Hiroshi Hirakawa of the famed Three Tides Tattoo.  Available in a gray prototype edition, the new figure is drawn directly from Hiroshi’s art which features traditional Japanese imagery. In addition to the vinyl, Toy Art Gallery continued its tradition of life-size figures with the release of the  fully-painted  Karakasa Obake fiberglass  figure ($2500). 

Japanese Devil also featured editions of some of Secret Base’s most popular figures including Salvation and Rebel Ink from Usugrow, Hasadhu Shingon Skull,  Miss Mysterious, Obake dogs, and more.   Of these, the Ganji-Obake dogs featuring beautiful hand-drawn tattoo style graphics were definite standouts. Additionally, the dark marbled Salvation inks certainly caught the eyes of Usugrow collectors.    Rounding out the show by bringing things full circle, TAG showcased the incredible Secret Base collection of Carl Kent Smith – one of the largest ever assembled.   If you can’t make it to the gallery by Saturday, definitely check out the exhibition pieces and toys on the web.


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Jul 24, 2012

myplasticheartnyc Presents ‘Signs of the Apocalypse’ (8.3)


Curated by Lou Pimentel, the ‘Signs of the Apocalypse’ group show grew out of the end-of-the-world mythology linked to the  year 2012.  As Lou puts it, ‘The Mayans believe that the world will end in 2012, and with so many things going wrong in the world; tsunamis, earthquakes, global warming, flocks of birds/schools of fish mysteriously buying the farm; one can’t help but think about it. What do you consider to be a sign of the Apocalypse? I invited  some of my favorite artists to translate, and give life to the fears living in their heads.’ 

The exhibition features work by a talented roster including Dacosta!, DrilOne, Steven Daily, Christopher de Leon (TrueVisuals), Kelly Denato, Deph, Leontine Greenberg, Julia Griffin, kaNO, Ken Keirns, Jeremiah Ketner, Kit Lane, Yuri Leonov, Fang Ling Lee, Jason Limon, Aaron Meshon, Brent Nolasco, Ruel Pascual, Lou Pimentel, Matt Rota, Allison Sommers (above), Tatiana Suarez, Leonardo Villasenor, Joseph Wu (flier rear after the jump), and Chloe Yingst.

Signs of the Apocalypse’
Opening: Friday August 3rd 2012 (6-9 PM)

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002


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Toy Art Gallery x Blobpus – Blind-Bagged Gori Gori


Toy Art Gallery is about to drop a blind-bagged edition of Blobpus’s new 5” Gori Gori monkey vinyl (7.25).  Blobpus has worked his painting magic to give rise to a monkey army on both glow vinyl as well as black vinyl base figures. Which you get is up to fate.   TAG will release the Gori Gori blind-bagged edition on Wednesday, July 25th @ Noon PDT for $60 each  at their Melrose location and through their online store.  Wild monkeys anyone ?

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Joe Ledbetter x TLS – Frozen Burger Bunny (7.26)

Perfect for the summer heat, The Loyal Subjects and Joe Ledbetter have something to cool you down, at least conceptually – the 10” Frozen Burger Bunny wood figure.  The third edition (after OG and the Veggie Burger edition) of the deluxe wood toy featuring re-stackable patties and condiments is the first to offer a canonical JLed colorway if you will.   Limited to 50 pieces, Frozen Burger Bunny will be available for pre-order on Thursday, June 26th 2012 @ 11 AM PDT at theloyalsubjects.com for $300 (+ s/h). 


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Jul 23, 2012

Ron English’s Cap’n Cornstarch


We last saw Ron English’s Cap’n Cornstarch figure in person during SDCC. We now have word that this figure is will soon be available at your local toy stores. This 9” figure will be available for $60 each, which is a great steal for such a rad looking toy. This figure will look great standing next to your Fat Tony figure. For those of you who cannot wait to spend their money, It also looks as though myplasticheart has them available for Pre-Order HERE.

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The Loyal Subjects x Transformers – Stay Tuned


With a clean, simple teaser, The Loyal Subjects has announced their Transformers crossover project.  Expect apparel and yes, vinyl.  We’re looking forward to what comes out of this licensed deal. 

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Huck Gee’s Blondie Skullslinger (8.9)


Huck Gee’s Skullslinger made his debut at SDCC with the neon-like Tuco edition. Now Kidrobot follows up the comic-con exclusive with the more traditional western-themed Blondie Skullslinger.  Whereas the Tuco was reminiscent of Aliens, Blondie is all Cowboy – Skullhead style.   Limited to 700 pieces @ $100, this 11” piece should go missing quickly when it drops on August 9th 2012


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Toy Art Gallery Presents: Arkiv in ‘The Aftermath -- A Journey to Wonderland’ (08.04)


Toy Art Gallery will be hosting Akriv’s very own solo show, ‘The Aftermath -- A Journey to Wonderland’. This will be his second exhibit with TAG, with the last being at their old location. This show will feature a number of new paintings, prints, t-shirts, custom shoes, and the debut of the lifesize Libertine fiberglass figure. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, August 4th from 7-10PM, where Arkiv will also be in attendance.

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Andrew Bell’s Mahākāla Protection Edition Dunny (8.2)


Kidrobot is wasting no time in releasing larger regular edition runs of their sold-out SDCC exclusives including Andrew Bell’s insane and oh-so popular four-armed, 8” Mahākāla Dunny.  The new Protection Edition features Andrew’s interpretation of the Buddhist diety in a striking design similar to that of the 3” 2012 series figure, swapping the flaming sword with the trident.  Limited to 900 pieces, Mahākāla Protection Edition Dunny  drops on August 2nd, 2012 for $100.  As for the price, it depends on whether you are a glass half-empty or half-full person – the SDCC edition was either a great deal or the regular edition is overpriced.


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Kidrobot’s Faster, Stronger, Higher ‘Bot Mini-Fig (7.26)


When Kidrobot revealed its new ‘Bot mini-fig platform with the conceptually clever City ‘Bots series, we were left wondering when we would see additional ‘Bots.  The answer is this week in the form of the Faster, Stronger, Higher ‘Bot solo release.  Just in time for the London Olympiad, this snarky yet admittedly timely design celebrates (and exposes) the modern athletic training regime.  With just enough edge and wit to draw a second look, a smirk, and a ‘did you see that?’, the Faster, Stronger, Higher ‘Bot continues the tongue-in-cheek tradition of the ‘Bots. The newest prankster drops on Thursday July 26th 2012 for $14.95 and is limited to 2012 pieces (ahem) [Via the KR Blog]


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Touma x Bandai -- Power Ranger Figures

As mentioned in our show coverage post, Touma unveiled two prototypes of his upcoming Power Ranger figures from Bandai during the opening of his 10th Anniversary exhibition @ Munky King. We figured the photos deserved a post of their own, so here ya go. In adition to the protos, Touma also showed line art for six figures. So far, it sounds like only the Rangers are a definite go for production. Though the shown Zwords would be rad as well.

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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Honey Bear Gazer (7.25)

honey bear 1

Angry Woebots and Silent Stage are keeping things in high-gear.  First was news of pre-orders for the 30” Gazer, now comes word of the online pre-release of the Honey Bear Gazer (50 pcs) cast in golden shiny clear resin.  As a sweet bonus, one of the 30 Gazers will include a golden ticket redeemable for a chase edition of the upcoming polar ice panda king severed head (non-chase WIP edition shown after the jump).  The severed head chase features an embedded panda skull + spinal cord and will be sprinkled into the run of 60 pieces at a ratio of 1:3.   The 6” Honey Bear Gazer will be available for pre-order on Wednesday July 25th @ Noon PDT from Silent Stage for $135 (+ s/h) and will ship two weeks after.


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Jul 22, 2012

Seen: Touma & Friends -- 10th Anniversary

On Saturday evening, Japanese artist Touma celebrated ten years of creating memorable characters and vinyl toys with the opening of Touma & Friends. On the toy front, Touma unleashed an army of hand-painted customs (Mao Cats, Kazu Mice, Knuckle Bears & more). Metallic paints, clears, there's something for everyone here. He also offered a show exclusive Skuttle, the Power Manzinger-Z, and a preorder for his newest Destodon figure from Monstock.

The backroom gallery featured numerous Touma paintings including several mini-canvases. If you've been looking for a Touma original, this is a golden opportunity. Several of Touma's artists friends also contributed interpretations of his characters including Luke Chueh, Jesse Hernandez, Tim Tsui, Nathan Hamill, and more.

Finally, Touma previewed his latest collaboration with Bandai -- Power Ranger figures featuring a stylized body which will be familiar to those who follow his work.

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