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Jul 23, 2012

Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Honey Bear Gazer (7.25)

honey bear 1

Angry Woebots and Silent Stage are keeping things in high-gear.  First was news of pre-orders for the 30” Gazer, now comes word of the online pre-release of the Honey Bear Gazer (50 pcs) cast in golden shiny clear resin.  As a sweet bonus, one of the 30 Gazers will include a golden ticket redeemable for a chase edition of the upcoming polar ice panda king severed head (non-chase WIP edition shown after the jump).  The severed head chase features an embedded panda skull + spinal cord and will be sprinkled into the run of 60 pieces at a ratio of 1:3.   The 6” Honey Bear Gazer will be available for pre-order on Wednesday July 25th @ Noon PDT from Silent Stage for $135 (+ s/h) and will ship two weeks after.

honey bear polar ice panda king head

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