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Jun 28, 2012

The Chung x 3Dretro – SDCC Exclusive Shrympee GID


LA artist David Chung (better known simply as ‘The Chung’) creates paintings featuring  off-beat, colorful characters worthy of a second take, chuckle and smirk.  One of these, Shrympee is now a small adorable, yet oh-so mouthwatering vinyl toy.   Limited to just 100 pieces, look for the SDCC exclusive Shrympee Ghost edition (GID) from the 3DRetro booth [#4734] for $14.95 each.  This will be followed by the OG pink edition as well several other ‘flavors’.

Shrympee looks like a fun and quirky (in the finest tradition of the word) figure with a creative instant noodle bow-style package.  Not sure how one displays this fun morsel in a case, but maybe that’s besides the point.

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