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Jun 25, 2012

Scott Wilkowski x DKE – ‘…Of All Ages’ @ SDCC


In addition to numerous exclusives, DKE will be presenting  ‘…Of All Ages’ @ SDCC, showcasing the wicked resin sculpting talents of Scott Wilkowski.  The show is a follow-up to the popular ‘Skin Deep’ exhibition tour which began at last year’s DesignerCon.   This time around, Scott’s creating hand-cast limited-edition resins featuring intricate skeletons of six art toys – Ferg’s Misfortune Cat ($125), David Horvath’s Flatwoods ($125), Frank Kozik’s 5” Labbit ($150), Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy in Plane ($250), Brandt peters’ Skelve ($300) and Kathie Olivas’s Two-Faced Hazel ($300).  Each of Wilkowski’s resin renditions will be limited to 50 pieces split evenly across two colorways.   Looking to push himself, Wilkowski’s new pieces will feature all sorts of skeletons including “alien sightings, ancient Greek one-eyed giants, flying war legends, and mystics of fortune”.

So far DKE has revealed Wilkowski’s version of Horvath’s Flatwood featuring an aztec-like skeleton and red and green editions of the Kozik Labbits which debuted at Skin Deep. 


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