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Jun 25, 2012

myplasticheart’s myplasticpoints loyalty program


myplasticheart recently unveiled their myplasticpoints program, a way to reward return customers with discounts on future purchases.  In order to participate, you need to create an account on myplasticheart.com or if you already have one, use it before you buy toys or other items from the site.  For each purchase made with an account, you’ll receive a point for each dollar spent.  Once you’ve amassed enough points, you’ll be able to automatically redeem your points for discounts on future purchases of $25 or more.  Discounts are applicable for nearly all items except gallery items.   If you already have an mph account, you’ll find that you’ve been credited 100 points (enough for a $5 discount) as a thank you.

In short, myplasticheart is offering rewards for shopping with them on a regular basis.  The more you buy from them, the more you save – day in and day out.  I can’t recall seeing something similar in the designer toy game. 

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Scott Wilkowski x DKE – ‘…Of All Ages’ @ SDCC


In addition to numerous exclusives, DKE will be presenting  ‘…Of All Ages’ @ SDCC, showcasing the wicked resin sculpting talents of Scott Wilkowski.  The show is a follow-up to the popular ‘Skin Deep’ exhibition tour which began at last year’s DesignerCon.   This time around, Scott’s creating hand-cast limited-edition resins featuring intricate skeletons of six art toys – Ferg’s Misfortune Cat ($125), David Horvath’s Flatwoods ($125), Frank Kozik’s 5” Labbit ($150), Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy in Plane ($250), Brandt peters’ Skelve ($300) and Kathie Olivas’s Two-Faced Hazel ($300).  Each of Wilkowski’s resin renditions will be limited to 50 pieces split evenly across two colorways.   Looking to push himself, Wilkowski’s new pieces will feature all sorts of skeletons including “alien sightings, ancient Greek one-eyed giants, flying war legends, and mystics of fortune”.

So far DKE has revealed Wilkowski’s version of Horvath’s Flatwood featuring an aztec-like skeleton and red and green editions of the Kozik Labbits which debuted at Skin Deep. 


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Touma & Friends @ Munky King (7.21)


Fresh off celebrating his tenth anniversary of creating infectious characters, Japanese artist Touma (Knuckle Bear, Hellhound, Goon, and so much more) will open his ‘Touma & Friends’ show @ Munky King  on July 21st.  Expect plenty of awesomeness from Touma including an army of customs and artist interpretations of his numerous characters from a long list of friends including Aguru Mukai, Bwana Spoons, Christopher Mitchell, Chikuwaemil, Tim Tsui, Mori Chack, David Horvath, Nathan Hamill, Emilio Garcia, Frank Kozik, Jesse Hernandez, Kaijin, Kenny Wong, Luke chueh, Devilrobots, Mark Nagata, Satoshi Yoshioka, Scott Tolleson, Tristan Eaton and more.  This will be Touma’s first LA exhibition since ‘09.  Not to be missed.

‘Touma & Friends’
Opening: Saturday, July 21st 2011 (7-10 PM)

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Frank Kozik x k.olin tribu – Ludwig Van Porcelain #2 (6.27)


Following up on the first edition of Frank Kozik’s Ludwig Van bust in porcelain, k.olin tribu is about to release a new 2nd edition of the piece.  Where the original release had a black eyelash, the 2nd edition features a golden one.  While the original edition had a flat matte surface, the new release features a shiny enamel finish on the hat and torso.  As with the original, the 2nd edition Ludwig Van is limited to a dozen pieces, measures 12” high and is hand-made of limoges porcelain.   Pre-orders will begin on June 27th @ artandtoys.com for an as yet undisclosed price (original was 800 euros).


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Keithing – Ape Bramble Customs (6.27)

Keithing is about to release Ape Bramble, his newest limited-edition custom.  Limited to 12 pieces, the new custom marries a ThreeA WWRp Heavy Bramble with a Tim Tsui Ape Keychain head (with custom sculpted helmet).  The result is a cyborg ape of sorts, heavily armed and armored.  Keithing’s Ape Brambles will be available on Wednesday, June 27th @ Noon EDT for $329.99 from ToyQube.


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Ron English – Teal Fat Tony Exclusive (6.28)


Ron English is set to release his Teal Fat Tony vinyl as a popaganda.com exclusive.  Limited to just 100 pieces, each of the Teal edition figures will be signed by Ron himself.  With the first edition flying off the shelves, the new small run just might follow suit.   The Teal Fat Tony drops on Thursday (6.28) @ Noon EDT for $99.99 each.


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Winner of the VP x TLS x Gary Baseman Buckingham Warrior Contest


A little while ago, we worked with The Loyal Subjects to bring you a photo caption contest for the chance to win one of the OG Buckingham Warrior vinyl figures from Gary Baseman and The Loyal Subjects.  Today, we’re happy to announce that the winner is Shawn Carlton Barnes.  His photo caption eloquently expresses the heroism behind Baseman’s newest toy project.  Congratulations to Shawn and thanks to all of you who entered.

I walk through this wooded landscape, shrouded by only my own brothers. I will tear darkness from this plane like the breast from that of a babe's mouth. I can no longer sit idle as the shadowy monsters wreak havoc amongst the innocent, uprooted I have become to seek and destroy all that is evil. Alas I am so tired, my mother calls for my return but I cannot answer, no not yet.” – Shawn Carlton Barnes

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Jun 24, 2012

Angry Woebots x Lightsleepers x Silent Stage – “Lightsleepers Grey” Panda King Severed Heads


In search of that Angry Woebots fix? Well Lightsleepers has teamed up with Woes and Silent Stage and scooped up their very own “Lightsleepers Grey” Edition Panda King Severed head. This run is limited to only 15 pieces, which happens to be the lowest run ever released. They are each handpainted and signed by Aaron and will run $60 +S&H. Pre-sale orders can be made by emailing them at lightsleepers[at]gmail[dot]com. Release date is set for Monday, June 25th.


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Cometdebris – Kappa Shonen


Cometdebris has been hinting and leaking teasers of his newest vinyl figure, Kappa Shonen. This part Kid, part Kappa figure is made of Japanese vinyl and is looking to release very soon. News on the drop date and price coming shortly! To stay on top of all Cometdebris news, please like them on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

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L’amour Supreme x Mishka x Toy Tokyo – Custom Bootlegs @ SDCC


L’amour Supreme posted up this sweet photo of a custom Bootleg, which announces that will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth #5437 during SDCC. They plan on dropping these puppies on Friday, July 13th of the con. Expect these to be very limited and sell out quickly!

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VISEone’s Tube Monster Revealed!


Following our previous post HERE, VISEone has unveiled his newest vinyl figure, dubbed Tube Monster. It’s about time to see we an original figure based on his signature “Tube” style customs. Above we see a 3D rendering of the upcoming vinyl figure and after the jump you can see some WIP prototype shots. VISEone hopes to release the first edition during NYCC in October!


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Jun 22, 2012

Lord Magma Skullendario Contest Winner from Vinyl Pulse!

A few hours ago Carlos from The Beast Brothers went on a live stream and selected the winner of the Lord Magma Skullendario Contest from six finalists chosen by several awesome blogs including Vinyl Pulse. We're happy to say that the winner was Brad Kruth from the Vinyl Pulse contest! Congrats Brad. If you're not Brad, the Lord Magma edition of The Beast Brothers and Huck Gee is available now over at the Beast Bros. web store (hurry, timed release ends on Saturday the 23rd @ 1 PM EDT).

Video capped and blogged on iPad.



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Mike Egan -- SDCC Exclusive 'Bones'

DKE will release Mike Egan's first vinyl toy @ SDCC. Standing 8" tall, Bones flows directly from Mike's dark retro aesthetic with stylized skeleton. Having seen an early proto in person, the character's askew, skyward looking skull is the visual draw of this piece. The inquisitive pose invites the viewer to wonder about what lies within. Sculpted by Julie B and made in the sofubi tradition in Japan by Grody Shogun, the pictured edition is limited to 80 pieces and will be available at the DKE booth for a very reasonable $45. Depending on production, DKE may actually have two different editions for sale at the 'con.

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Jon Paul Kaiser -- Pandaimyo Spirit Clan Mini Qee

Toy2r's tease of the Spirit Clan edition of Jon Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo Mini Qee, makes the wait for the original edition just a bit more anxious. The Spirit Clan figure features a wicked yet somehow dignified skull design. Speaking of clans, it turns out that each Pandaiymo edition features a different clan including Dark Mist Clan (OG), the just revealed Spirit Clan, Fire Clan, Royal Clan, Bamboo Clan, Mountain Clan. Look for The Spirit Clan Pandaiymo in August for $28, presumably just behind the still as yet OG edition.

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Jun 21, 2012

David Healey -- Vrah Citric Summer Acid Edition @ SDCC

In the last year or so, David Healey has impressed In the art toy arena with a string of top quality hand-done resin releases. For SDCC, he's cooked up the firey Vrah Citric Summer Acid Edition. Limited to a deadly dozen, the new Vrah will be available from the DKE booth [#4728] for $80 beginning on Friday July 13th 2012 @ 1 PM.

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Jun 20, 2012

Munky King @ SDCC : Luke Chueh’s Target and more


Munky King has revealed their SDCC plans, highlighted by the debut release of Luke Chueh’s new Target vinyl in a comic-con edition (250 pieces, $140).  The piece recreates the original painting with a 6” vinyl figure and separate 10.5” graff wall and base.  Luke will be adding his hand-scrawled tag to each of the SDCC Targets.

Luke will be signing at the booth as will Martin Hsu who will release his new Dragon Boy vinyl, and Touma who will offer his anniversary print.  Hit the jump for the full signing.

Party?  Of course.  In keeping with their annual summer tradition, Munky King is hosting their SDCC party on Thursday (6.12) @ Bar Basic from 8 to 11 PM, preceded by the DTA Nomination announcements from 7:30 to 8 PM.

Finally, after SDCC Munky King will close its Melrose retail location in August and transition to its second phase as a combination animation studio and toy brand with a full slate of upcoming projects including Dok A’s new Tentacled Strider Mech.


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Gary Ham x Cavey – ‘Wooper Looper’ Cavey @ SDCC


Gary Ham and Cavey make plush magic with their collaborative SDCC release of the ‘Wooper Looper’ Cavey! Based on Gary’s upcoming vinyl figure Wooper Looper, this plush version is limited to only 30 pieces. Each goody bag features a glitter Cavey sticker, Black Cavey badge, carry bag and postcards. They will be available at Gary’s booth #4836 for $45 beginning on preview night. Leftovers from the convention (although we feel there will be none) will be made available in the Cavey Shop on Monday, July 16th at 12PM PST.


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Stu Witter–“Goodnight Panda’s Greatest Hits” Custom Dunny Release (06.22)


One of our Custom Corner Artists, Stu Witter, will be releasing a custom Dunny series this Friday, June 22nd, which is entitled “Goodnight Panda’s Greatest Hits”. This series will be limited to only 10 pieces total and will even come with a matching iPhone 4 case! The detail on the Panda’s suit is just out of this world and we wish to see more from Stu! Keep your eyes open on Stu’s Shop HERE for the release this Friday!


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Blamo Toys x Dragatomi @ SDCC

hug Drag group ADD1

It looks like Dragatomi will not only be a custom haven, but also a place to pick up some great exclusive toys! Working alongside Dragatomi, Blamo Toys will be dropping their very own SDCC exclusive Dragatomi edition Hug figure. These will be limited to only 15 pieces and will be on sale beginning on Wednesday, July 11th at the Dragatomi booth #4935 for $25 each. Be sure to also check after the jump for a teaser Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has sent us for SDCC.


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Paul Shih – New Resin Figure: Bevil


Paul Shih is coming out with an all new resin figure this Friday, June 22nd, named Bevil. This devilish looking broccoli character is just one of his many upcoming projects. This original colorway will be limited to only 15 pieces and will be available at 1PM PST via his webstore HERE. He will also be accompanied by a mini photo print!


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Ritzy Periwinkle for Dragatomi’s SDCC Custom Android Series


Here’s a look at Ritzy Periwinkle’s custom Android design (x2) which will be included in Dragatomi’s SDCC Edition Custom Android Blind Box Series.  Ritzy has managed to seamlessly translate her aesthetic to the Android shape with the use of some sculpting to get the skull just right.  

The full blind-box series will include 61 figures from 25 artists including: Betso • Jay222 • DrilOne • ValleyDweller • Mr. Munk • Leecifer • Sergio Mancini • Igor Ventura • Ardabus Rubber • Brent Nolasco • Mike Die • Shawn Wigs • JC Rivera • Nebulon 5 • Wheelbarrow • UnCle • J*RYU • Ritzy Periwinkle • Podgy Panda • Scott Tolleson • Emily B • JFury • Skinner • John "Spanky" Stokes • Jeremiah Ketner.  Each blind box will be available for $80 from Dragatomi’s Booth [#4935].


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Erick Scarecrow – SDCC Exclusive Gold Daibutsu

For SDCC, Erick Scarecrow has a created an exclusive Gold Daibutsu resin figure.  Standing 7” tall, the figure is limited to 18 pieces and will be available for $140 from the DKE Toys Booth [#4728] beginning on Thursday, July 12th @ Noon.

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Kuso x Van Beater -- SDCC Exclusive Driver Red Crappy Cat

Kuso Vinyl has just announced their SDCC Exclusive Driver Red Crappy Cat mini (2.75") from VanBeater. Limited to 200 pieces, the sporty cat will be available for $10 in a bag and header package from the Kuso Booth (#4937). VanBeater will be signing at the booth on Thursday (6.12) from Noon to 2 PM.

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Pocket Wookie -- Tobacco Pete Mini Qee

Revising the birth of modern boxing, artist/customizer Pocket Wookie is about to unleash his Tobacco Pete Mini Qee from Toy2R. Ignoring the established rules of civilized boxing, the rogue southpaw threw down wherever, whenever and against whomever. Look for this retro pugilist in August for $28. The 5" Mini Qee platform rolls on.


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Fakir -- Yakuza Series Mini Qee

Toy2R has announced the new Yakuza Series of 5" Mini Qees from wickedly talented French artist Fakir. It looks like we'll see several different urban takes on the Japanese mobsters, starting with the letterman design shown in this teaser. Expect the first Fakir Yakuza to drop in August for $28. With every new release, the Mini Qee continues to grow as Toy2R's mini platform.


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