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Jun 30, 2012

Alex Pardee – SDCC Exclusive GID B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. Figures


Aha!  DKE has finally revealed the mystery behind Alex Pardee’s much-teased B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. figures.  As we mentioned earlier this is a series of five figures.  Each of the mold-injected figures stands roughly 3” tall and are apparently solid-colored, free of deco.    For SDCC, DKE will release each of the five figures in an SDCC exclusive GID edition – one per day (schedule after the jump) for $5 including a screenprinted vinyl sticker from their booth [#4728] . Alex will be on-hand at the booth signing on Saturday, July 14th @ 10 AM.

We’ve seen the new toys in person (in a proto color) and the detail is quite nice.  Be sure to hit the jump for individual photos which do the individual sculpts better justice than the semi-washed out group shot above.


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Jun 29, 2012

DKE Toys SDCC Exclusive Art Hustle Promo Cards


Beginning on Preview Night, DKE Toys will be handing out an SDCC Exclusive Art Hustle Promo Card at their booth #4728. All you have to do is stop by and politely ask! So easy! Each artist card is limited to 500 pieces and they will be handing out a different one each day.

Wednesday – Angry Woebots
Thursday - Jim Mahfood
Friday – David Healey
Saturday – Brendan Monroe
Sunday - Simone Legno

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Ziqi Wu x Creo Design – Project QiQi @ ToyConUK

project QiQi

Creo Design has just announced some big news, as they will be showcasing their toys at the first ever ToyConUK in 2013. Not only will they have all of their figures on display, but they will also be exhibiting Project QiQi. They’ve asked a ton of artists to customize Ziqi’s original vinyl figure QiQi. Those artists include: Akinori Oishi, Allan Armenta, Brix Pix, Cosmic Nuggets, Dan DMS, Das-Mo, Dave Webb, Fark FX, Frank Mysterio, Gangtoyz, Hoakser, Ian Ziobrownski, Jason Tharp, JC Rivera, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, Josh Mayhem-Sauer, Lisa Rae Hansen, Loz Boz, Lunabee, Mostly Harmless, Nervis Wr3k, PJ Constable, Reet Neet, Sekure D, Sen Custom, Sergio Mancini, Shawn Wigs, Squink, Stitches and Glue, TADO, To The Time Machine Creations, Wasted Talent, Zam Art and many more. Creo will also be releasing teaser posters of the customs from the show beginning from now until ToyConUK, where afterwards they will be up for grabs! Take a look after the jump of the teasers from Hoakser and JC Rivera.


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Brutherford Industries – Bite Size Ice Scream Men


Brutherford Industries has some mini goodies in store for you! Available now in their Shop is the Bite Size Ice Scream Man mini figures! There is a total of 540 pieces available and are each individually hand cast and hand packaged as a blind box release. Each figure stands approximately 2.5” – 3” tall (based on cone size) and come in 14 different flavors, which include Spiteful Strawberry, Villainous Vanilla, Malevolent Minstachio, Oil Slick, Grotesque Gold, Blackberry, Ice, Badass Brown, BOMB POP, Beelzebanana, Grape Ice, Aqua Glow, Strawberry Ice and the Super-rare-mega-awesome golden ticket chase. Each blind box retails $15 each and a sealed case of 12 will go for $165. Get em’ while they’re cold!


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Dunny Trading Party @ UCF Chewy Boba Company (06.30)

4x6 flyer-014x6 flyer-02

Are you still suffering from Kidrobot’s 2012 Dunny Series Fever?
Well, UCF Chewy Boba Company in Florida will be hosting a trading party event on Saturday, June 30th from 5-8PM. Nakanari and soujohn will also be in attendance for the big trade fest. Be sure to bring along your sketchbooks and blanks toys to have these guys touch up! They will also have 20 2012 Dunny Series cases available for purchase!

UCF Chewy Boba Company
4250 Alafaya Trail Suite 216
Oveido, Florida 32765

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Jun 28, 2012

DKE Signing Schedule for SDCC

SDCC_thursday SDCC_fridaySDCC_saturday SDCC_sunday

The DKE booth #4728 will be playing host to a number of your favorite artists at SDCC and they’ve just announced their signing schedule! You can meet some of your favorite artists, which include Sucklord, Ferg, Scott Wilkowski, Healeymade, David Flores, Frank Kozik, Ron English, Alex Pardee, Andrew Bell, Vanbeater, Buff Monster, Brendan Monroe, Grody Shogun and David Horvath. Don’t forget to jot down the dates and times, because you will not want to miss out!

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Super7 @ SDCC

image003 (1)

Super7 has just announced all the goodies they will be bringing along with them for their booth #4729 at SDCC! They will be releasing 14 brand new exclusive toys, customs, prizes, displaying new figures, making huge announcements and even giving out free trading card packs with every purchase. Each pack will contain 8 baseball style cards and will feature illustrations and images from Joshua Herbolsheimer, Invisible Creature, Matthew Allison and more. Each figure at SDCC will also come with an exclusive trading card that won’t be found anywhere else.

Brian Flynn and Joshua Herbolsheimer will be mashing up Super7 figures and turning them into unique, one of a kind customs. They will be releasing a limited number of customs each day at 10AM on Thursday through Friday.

The good folks of Super7 will also be holding a Monster Family Hunt, where one lucky customer will get their hands on a custom mash up Monster Family figure by Brian and Josh. To score, Super7 will be picking a random Monster Family Toy and inserting a special winning ticket. That customer could be you!

Be sure to look after the jump at all the exclusive toy releases, which include Pocket Baseball Boy, Fossila, Taoking, Foster, Milton, Pumpkin Boy, Zombiefighter, Rose Vampire Casket Cruiser, Frederick the Beetle, Hollis Turd, Honoo, Leroy C., Little Prick, and Power Mister.


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Toy Toyko @ SDCC


Toy Tokyo has revealed their SDCC plans including several exclusives as well as artist signings.  On the toy front the exclusives are headed by two Ron English figures – SDCC Bart Grin (100 pcs, $120) and the Antique Fat Tony (100 pcs, $85) with muted coloring and the Batman Shogun Warrior from Funco (500 pcs total, $50). Be@rbrick fans will want to pick up the SDCC exclusive Batman Be@rbrick.   It also looks like Toy Tokyo will host its nearly annual and extremely popular Pushead event.   In addition to Pushead, Mishka, Lamour Supreme, Healeymade, Ron English and a few special guests will be signing throughout the ‘con.

If you can’t make SDCC, Toy Tokyo is offering the two Ron English exclusives and the Batman Shogun warrior for pre-order on their site for post-sdcc delivery.


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Bwana Spoons WIP Shots for SDCC


Bwana Spoons has been hard at work to get ready for SDCC. Take a look at the WIP shot of a few customs he will have available at the big event! So far we got some Randall and Globby action going on! What else do your eyes spy?

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The Chung x 3Dretro – SDCC Exclusive Shrympee GID


LA artist David Chung (better known simply as ‘The Chung’) creates paintings featuring  off-beat, colorful characters worthy of a second take, chuckle and smirk.  One of these, Shrympee is now a small adorable, yet oh-so mouthwatering vinyl toy.   Limited to just 100 pieces, look for the SDCC exclusive Shrympee Ghost edition (GID) from the 3DRetro booth [#4734] for $14.95 each.  This will be followed by the OG pink edition as well several other ‘flavors’.

Shrympee looks like a fun and quirky (in the finest tradition of the word) figure with a creative instant noodle bow-style package.  Not sure how one displays this fun morsel in a case, but maybe that’s besides the point.


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Buff Monster x 3DRetro – Boob Ball Silver @ SDCC


3DRetro will release the Silver Boob Ball vinyl from Buff Monster at SDCC.  Limited to 125 pieces, this is the second edition of the Buff’s new 4” geometric creation.  The master of pink himself, Buff Monster, will be at the booth [#4734] on Friday (7.13) @ 1 PM.


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Jesse Hernandez Teases us with Mecha Azteca

What's this? Jesse Hernandez set Instagram ablaze with a sweet black + silver edition of Mech Azteca by Raje Toys. Oakland pride?


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Jun 27, 2012

Martin Hsu – Dragon Boy Pre-Order & Release Details


We’ve followed the journey of Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy since the very beginning and now he is ready to release his first ever vinyl figure! The original colorway will be limited to 300 pieces and will retail $85 each. There will be a 24 hour window beginning on July 3rd at 12PM PST to July 4th at 12PM PST where you can pre-order the Dragon Boy (HERE), which will also include an original Dragon Boy painting. Expect pre-orders to ship on July 23rd. If you so happen to be attending SDCC, Martin will be pre-releasing only 50 of his Dragon Boys at his booth #5015 through out the weekend. Then there will be an official online release through Martinhsu.com & Vtsstoys.com on July 23rd.

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Luke Chueh x Scott Tolleson x A Little Stranger - Bartholomew Punchyface Plush Teaser #2


The collaborative plush figure “Bartholomew Punchyface” by Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson may have slipped your mind since our last post in February HERE, but we now have an updated teaser thanks to the wonderful world of the internet! Luke mentions that this will be on display during SDCC and hopefully be released by the end of the year. A Little Stranger also had a big hand on this figure, as she put this teary eyed bear together. We cannot wait to see this guy in his full glory!

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David Flores x Bic Plastics -- SDCC Deathhead in Green

The wait is almost over. DKE will release David Flores' Deathead in the debut green edition from Bic Plastics (10", 50 pieces, $100) at SDCC. David will be signing at the DKE booth [#4728] on Friday (7.13) @ 2 PM.

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Hyperactive Monkey – SDCC Exclusive Ebony Edition Monkey Kung Fu Master Bank


Hyperactive Monkey will once again be attending SDCC! This time with their very own exclusive Ebony Edition Monkey Kung Fu Master Bank. He will be limited to only 20 pieces worldwide and will be up for grabs at the Squid Kids Ink. booth #5137. They will be available for for $75 each and come in a window display box and a signed gocco print.


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Urban Medium – “Battleship Gray” CheTrooper Release


Urban Medium has brought their CheTrooper back! This time in a “Battleship Gray” colorway, which will be released at the Cube Gallery during their art show on Friday, July 13th in Atlanta. This run is limited to 13 pieces and will each be signed and numbered. Each package includes stickers and a CheTrooper screen print for $75!


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Mikie Graham – “This Is Your Brain” Custom Release @ SDCC

exclusive photo 2

Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has been busy cooking up his latest custom release for the Dragatomi booth #4935 for SDCC. “This Is Your Brain” is a run of custom Jumping Brains by Emilio Garcia. which pays homage to an old anti-drug campaign. Mikie took the figure and added a clear resin to give the brain a nice sunny side up look. He also managed to find some perfectly sized frying pans to pull this custom series together. Each egg comes packaged in a black cardboard box with removable photo print and come signed and numbered for $45 each. These will be limited to only 10 pieces and will be available beginning on preview night. Any leftovers from the con will be made available online.


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Jun 26, 2012

Nathan Hamill – Bellicose Bunny Vortex Edition @ SDCC


For SDCC, 3DRetro will be taking over Frank Kozik’s booth.  They’ll be offering several 3Dretro exclusives as well as plenty of Kozik product.  First up is the Bellicose Bunny Vortex Edition by Nathan Hamill.  Limited to 120 pieces, this new mono edition is the last launch for the intrepid hare.  It will be available from the 3DRetro booth [#4734] for $49.95.  Nathan will be on-hand for signing at the booth on Saturday (7.14) @ 2:30 PM.


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Jesse Hernandez – Jade Mictlan @ SDCC


Jesse Hernandez will have not one, but two resin Mictlan releases @ SDCC.  In addition to the GID edition, Jesse just revealed a shot of the finished Jade Mictlan.  The finish on this looks great.  The ‘Jade’ effect appears to be quite realistic.  Limited to 25 pieces, the Jade Mictlan will drop on Friday July 13th from 12 –2 PM @ the Kuso Vinyl booth for $150 each [#4937].

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More on Luke Chueh’s hand-tagged SDCC Target Figures


So like many, I’m looking forward to the SDCC release of Luke Chueh’s Target from Munky King.  And probably like many, my eyes were drawn to the bit about ‘hand-tagged’ walls from the comic-con edition.  While he has yet to settle on a particular ‘tag’, Luke’s been trying out various approaches – all featuring stylized versions of his bear.  Which do you prefer?


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Alex Pardee – B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. @ SDCC ?


So for the past few days DKE has been sending out teaser illustrations featuring various Bunny creatures from Alex Pardee.  Today, they’ve nearly revealed their hand with an addition three images – 5 in all, plus the ‘header card’ shown above for B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. – which appears to be a series of 5 figures based on Pardee’s old school Bunnywith plush character from back in the day. From the teaser illustrations, we expect several different sculpts including the Hammerhead one, the Siamese, and the cyclops hare.   Alex being alex, he’s also come up with a crazy acronym – Based Upon Nearly Nothing, You Will Indulge in these Hares.  Assuming all goes as planned, these will be available from the DKE booth  @ SDCC. OMFG.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner : Ryan the Wheelbarrow


Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. For June we are highlighting Ryan the wheelbarrow. Some of you may know Ryan as Kidrobot's social media ambassador, but he is also an artist and trained graphic designer. Wheelbarrow's custom toy work really caught my eye when he first released his ty_po Dunnys. As an old graphic designer myself, the rub down text brought back memories and its use on toys was something I don't recall ever seeing been done before. Since then he's really grown his typographic style by varying them from the clean, geometric look on his text_r customs to the more colorful and chaotic look on his [O8STACLES] series of customs (the later which utilize a unique screen printed acrylic on vinyl stickers technique).  I feel his pieces surpass the traditional custom toy label and could easily be displayed in a fine art gallery. One thing I do sometimes wonder is if he's hidden some actual words or phrases on these guys- I'll need to ask him one of these days… To keep up with all things Ryan the wheelbarrow, be sure to check out his website, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @ryanwheelbarrow, and of course become a fan of his Facebook page. Also if you're heading to Comic-Con this year, you can catch Wheelbarrow screen printing exclusive SDCC Kidrobot shirts live at the Kidrobot booth #4529 on Sunday, July 15th.


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Jun 25, 2012

Doktor A. x Kuso Vinyl – SDCC Exclusive Absinthe Edition Chester Runcorn


Just one more of the many SDCC Exclusives Kuso Vinyl has to offer is Doktor A.’s Absinthe Edition Chester Runcorn. This run will be limited to only 100 pieces and will be available at their booth #4937 for $65 each! Sit tight for more SDCC news!


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Bubi Au Yeung x Crazy Label – Ren 2 @ TTF


With the Taipei Toy Festival just around the corner, Crazy Label and Bubi Au Yeung have put a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ together for the big event. Introducing Ren 2 in all his 5” glory! He comes complete with removable eye glasses, laptop, and trusty sidekick GhostB. Ren 2 will retail $39.95 and will be available at TTF (07.05 – 07.08) and a limited pre-order will be available on Monday, July 9th HERE.


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