Ferg x Rotofugi – SDCC Exclusive Squadt


Ahh yess! First news of Rotofugi’s SDCC exlcusive release! Here we have Ferg’s Squadt gohst s003, where they will have only 60 (Limited to 125) available at their booth #4736. They will be releasing 20 each day, beginning from Thursday, July 12th – Saturday, July 14th. What’s up with the other 65 you may ask? Well those have been reserved for members of the Collect & Destroy Forum (sorry, orders have been closed). This release features a playge Hoodie, puffy vest, sAK-74, pipe bomb, 2.0 articulated arms, classic arms and removable helmet. They will retail for $125 each! Stay tuned for more Rotufugi SDCC news!

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