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May 30, 2012

Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Vinyl Toy


Triple Crown of Yo-Yo has asked the assistance of Squibbles Ink, Rotofugi, Chris Ryniak, and Shinbone Creative to turn their official mascot into a vinyl figure. This vinyl figure/trophy stands 7” tall and will see its first release as an unpainted edition at SDCC at the Rotofugi booth. There will also be a ultra rare Metallic glow version, but the only way to acquire one of those is to place in the top three in the following categories at the Triple Crown Yo-Yo even in Chicago on July 28th, where they will also be releasing the first painted edition. Has anyone seen a Yo-Yo mascot as sweet as this?!

TCMback TCMright TCMleft TCMfaces

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