Seen: TxB


Bwana Spoons and Japanese artist T9G opened their joint TxB show at Toy Art Gallery on Saturday (5.26).  The show features a legion of customs, a few paintings,  as well as a small number of select production items including the pink proto edition of the T9G sculpted vinyls of Bwana Spoons’ Killer + Globby (set) and Marty.  The left side of the gallery features a gorgeous floor to ceiling mural by Bwana and Alex Chiu.  In the center of the gallery, the two artists created a whimsical mini rustic scene installation featuring hand-painted custom toys in and around  hand-made wood huts.  The right-side of the gallery features a large number of hand-painted T9G custom figures including Rangeas, Biskup Rangeas, Sqalone and others.   

The new trio of Bwana Spoons x T9G figures (Killer, Globby and Marty) feature T9G’s feral sculpting – definitely eye catching interpretations of Bwana’s creations.   The debut releases feature unpainted pieces cast in neon pink rather than the classic black. 

TxB is an excellent showcase of both artists’ characters and their considerable customizing skills.  It’s also your best bet for T9G items in the USA including the Rangeas Kubricks from the A&A exhibit.