Reactor-88’s Customer Corner: Rohby

Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. To close out the month of May we are highlighting Rohby, a full-time toy designer working out of Santa Ana, California. He's very involved in the Macross/Robotech scene creating extremely accurate and detailed scale pieces of some of the classic mechs from that world. At the same time he creates original works and of course customizes toys that we are all familiar with in the vinyl art toy world. I was first introduced to Rohby's work when I came across his custom VF-11 "Thunderbolt" Munny many years ago. At that point I knew Rohby was someone to keep an eye on and over the years he's continued to impress with pieces like his Mad_Catz custom Mad*L and Siberian SWAT mech suit Munny. To keep up with Rohby and his work, check out his blog and flickr page.