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May 31, 2012

Jon Paul Kaiser x Toy2R -- Captain Stūrnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition


Toy2R is about to drop Jon Paul Kaiser’s Deep Blue Sea Captain Stūrnbrau vinyl (5”).  The new edition of the Captain features a blue frosted ‘ghostly’ body perhaps evoking the supernatural mysteries of the deep.  Limited to 200 pieces, this one is set to drop in June. 

A quick note on clear vinyl.  I love it, and how.  However, lately it seems that mainstream producers are focusing on semi-clear rather than the  truly clear or translucent pieces which are normally associated with Japanese production.   To the extent this is strictly an aesthetic choice, fine.  That said, I do wonder if the semi-clear is a compromise driven by manufacturing limitations involved in making ‘clear’ parts by rotocasting which often results in visible defects including bubbles and in some cases serious internal ‘drips’.



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