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May 31, 2012

Joshua Herbolsheimer x Medicom – Rotofugi Exclusive Fungus Amungus Earth Wolf (06.01)


This Friday, June 1st is the opening of Joshua Herbolsheimer’s “Fungus Amungus” show and Martin Ontiveros’ “Malformations and Maleficarum” show at Rotofugi. Guess who got an exclusive figure? That’s right! Rotofugi will have an exclusive release of the “Fungus Amungus” Earth Wolf figure by Joshua, which was produced by Medicom. They will be available first to the attendees of the show then later available on their website on Monday, June 4th. This figure stands 10” tall and features a brown vinyl with dark brown and gray sprays and tan, green, red and black details. They will be available for $150 each and are limit one per customer.

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614


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Brandt Peters – Stingy Jack Update


Circus Posterus shares with us a nice little update on the production of the Stingy Jack figure by Brandt Peters. Tomenosuke looks to be doing an amazing job with this production run so far and we cannot wait to see the magic they use on Kathie Olivas’ Callipe Jackalope and Chris Ryniak’s Stinky Ginger figures. They are also anticipating the first colorway of Stingy Jack to be released at the end of June and plan on leaking out those images as the time comes more near! Anyone else as excited for these as we are?


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Close-up: Buff Monster’s ‘The Melty Misfits’ Trading Cards(6.5)


A box of Buff Monster’s new ice cream themed Melty Misfits retro-styled sticker trading cards showed up today, courtesy of the card wizards at Sidekick Trading Card Publishing. Here’s a closer look at this special collectible ahead of next week’s online release of the cards directly from Buffmonster.com (6.5, 10 AM PDT).

Opening up the box feels like travelling back to 1985 when Garbage Pail Kids took hold and captured the imagination of impressionable kids including a very young Buff Monster. This retro experience is very much by design. The old-school chipboard box, the true wax packs, Kiss-cut stickers, and the retro printing were all designed to mimic the original experience provided by GPK and other similar now ‘vintage’ trading cards. The series is Buff’s all-out homage to all things Garbage Pail Kids, a deeply personal obsession that continues to grow with each passing day.

As with the Garbage Pail Kids, Melty Misfits offers 60 cards in Series 1 with thirty original character images by Buff Monster along with another 30 variant characters sharing the same art. While some of the cards are based on original GPK cards, the majority are original scenes detailing the humorous peril faced by Buff’s ice cream creatures. The back of each card offers something extra – including part of a card ‘puzzle’ mosaic image, a collectors’ checklist, or in many cases a black + white developmental sketch of the card’s character. In addition to the standard 60 cards, the series also features sketch cards, signed cards, and the holy grail for many card fanatics – variant and error cards. Plus, there’s a single Golden Ticket lurking in the wax packs. Whoever finds it, can use it to claim the original 5” x 7” painting for the unpublished 31st character.

Die-hard fans of Buff Monster and Garbage Pail Kids, may want to pick up a full display box (24 packs, $120). Not only does a box guarantee you a complete set (all 60 standard cards), it also comes with two extras – a fold out Melty Misfits Poster and an uncut four-card portion of an error/test sheet, created in the process of printing the cards. Each four-card segment is different and should thrill those interested in process and rarities.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Buff Monster will be offering The Melty Misfits directly from buffmonster.com on Tuesday, June 5th @ 10 AM PDT. He’ll be selling both full boxes and bundles of 4 packs, but not single packs which will be available at retailers (7 cards, $5) . This is the first opportunity to buy the cards online.


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mr clement – Junkie Ji Ja *Update*


As promised from our original post HERE, here are some details on the new release of mr clement’s Junkie Ji Ja figures. Each color is limited to 500 pieces and are available now HERE for $34 each and that includes worldwide shipping! Although these should really be sold as sets of 2, because who would want to break up this lovely pair? Certainly not you?


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Jon Paul Kaiser x Toy2R -- Captain Stūrnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition


Toy2R is about to drop Jon Paul Kaiser’s Deep Blue Sea Captain Stūrnbrau vinyl (5”).  The new edition of the Captain features a blue frosted ‘ghostly’ body perhaps evoking the supernatural mysteries of the deep.  Limited to 200 pieces, this one is set to drop in June. 

A quick note on clear vinyl.  I love it, and how.  However, lately it seems that mainstream producers are focusing on semi-clear rather than the  truly clear or translucent pieces which are normally associated with Japanese production.   To the extent this is strictly an aesthetic choice, fine.  That said, I do wonder if the semi-clear is a compromise driven by manufacturing limitations involved in making ‘clear’ parts by rotocasting which often results in visible defects including bubbles and in some cases serious internal ‘drips’.


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Cris Rose – Clear Vision Mk2 Edition C Mini Munny (6.1)


Cris Rose has revealed the latest in his series of Clear Vision Mk2 custom Mini MunnysEdition C features the standard CV Mk2 design --4” Munny body with the by-now familiar large-lens custom resin head – in a light grey with metallic orange accents color treatment.   The newest edition has the appearance of a once shiny, but now weathered and slightly rusted ‘bot.   Limited to 5 pieces, Edition C will drop on Friday, June 1st @ 6 PM London time (10 AM PDT) for $150 + (s/h) from Cris’s webshop.


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Buff Monster -- Boob Ball Vinyl (6.5)

Just back from Berlin, Buff Monster is ready to drop some great stuff including his brand-new Boob Ball vinyl from 3D Retro. Long seen on his stickers and posters, the cute yet naughty character is now a 4" toy. The debut edition of the Buff's ball is GID and also features, lime geeen, yellow and pink 'accents'. Overall the piece has a nice abstract, geometric look to it, with a 'twist' for the unaware. Boob Ball will be released as a buffmonster.com exclusive in signed boxes on Tuesday, June 5th @ 10AM PDT for $34.99 (+ s/h).

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May 30, 2012

Coarse – Rise of Pain in Dreams (6.12)


By now we expect excellence from Coarse Toys. For their latest release Mark Landwehr and crew have created an ambitious vinyal art toy sculpture that has few equals.  First seen in 2010 as $5000 ultra limited-edition resin piece, the 1:3 ‘Pain in Dreams’ presented what appeared to be the imminent demise of pain, bloodied, bandaged and lying on a pool of his own blood.  Now, Coarse has persevered to bring their vision, almost unchanged, to life as a 1:3 vinyl piece.

Rise of Pain in Dreams features a 1:3  vinyl Pain lying on his potential death bed to which he’s permanently attached.    With its considerable scale (27” x 14” x 7.4”), the ‘toy’ offers a dramatic showcase of Coarse’s work and the potential of vinyl art toys.  This is a bold move, at 27” long in a horizontal format, this new Pain is positioned not as a toy that will slip onto a shelf or slot into a display case, but rather one that will  command a central position in a room,  perhaps not normally afforded to a vinyl figure.   For blurring the line between vinyl toy and sculpture, Coarse deserves serious recognition for this latest effort.

The vinyl Rise of Pain in Dreams is limited to 200 pieces at HK$5880 (~ $757).  Look for it drop to exclusively online at coarse hkg on June 12th @ 8:59 AM PDT.


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Urban Elephant – Trunks


A new company from Canada, Urban Elephant has created their very own designer vinyl figure named Trunks. The first version of Trunks stands 3.5” tall will be released as a DIY edition, where you will be able to express your imagination on this new platform figure. You can find him available HERE for $14 each. Feel free to show off what you create by posting your picture on their Facebook.


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Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Vinyl Toy


Triple Crown of Yo-Yo has asked the assistance of Squibbles Ink, Rotofugi, Chris Ryniak, and Shinbone Creative to turn their official mascot into a vinyl figure. This vinyl figure/trophy stands 7” tall and will see its first release as an unpainted edition at SDCC at the Rotofugi booth. There will also be a ultra rare Metallic glow version, but the only way to acquire one of those is to place in the top three in the following categories at the Triple Crown Yo-Yo even in Chicago on July 28th, where they will also be releasing the first painted edition. Has anyone seen a Yo-Yo mascot as sweet as this?!


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Ya’ Heard! Show Episode 13


It is now time for another episode of Ya’ Heard! Show! Luke Chueh gets a chance to hang out and chat with the likes of Ritzy, kaNO, Sket-One and Shane Jessup. He shares a little bit about himself, as well as pimping out his new book “Bearing the Unbearable”. Be sure to take a listen and enjoy!

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Street Grapes – 5” Grapes Bear Mini-Qee (Mid-June)

Sales-5inch Mini Qee Street Grapes Bear1

Toy2R has just unveiled their upcoming 5” Grapes Bear Mini-Qee from sticker artist Street Grapes.  The new piece featuring a trippy face design with two sets of eyes, captures the aesthetic of his stickers which he’s pasted up in the street in various points on the globe. The new 5” is slated for a Mid-June drop for $28.  From what we see so far, we’re looking forward to this one for its  eye-catching design.

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May 29, 2012

Huck Gee – Hotaru Copter Squad “Copter Girl”


Joining Huck Gee’s Hotaru Copter Squad is the all new “Copter Girl”. Just like her older brother “Copter Boy”, she’s just as tough and quite the trouble maker. This run is limited to 10 figures worldwide and comes signed, numbered and are packaged in a laser etched wooden box. If you are interested in this figure, send an email to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com. This figure will run you $875 and is limited to one per customer.


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Cometdebris x David Horvath x Sun-Min Kim – Tokoji’s Friend Dave (06.02)


Cometdebris has yet another release of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s Dave figure from InTheYellow. Tokoji’s  Friend Dave is cast in a blue vinyl with metallic purple, black and features bright yellow eyes. Be on the look at in the Comet Debris Shop for the release on Saturday, June 2nd at 7PM PST. Be sure to snatch him up quickly, because this is a very limited release!


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tokidoki Cactus Rockers

001-image003 001-image001

tokidoki is about to release their new Catcus Rockers 6” vinyl figures designed by Simone Legno.   To my eye the new Rockers = the  popular Cactus Friends + just a dose of ‘tude.  While not bad to the bone, the Rockers are ready for mischief with  jet black outfits studded with spikes, zippers, and safety pins, their skull-tipped axes and the bandages across their noses.  Look for both the regular red ($24.95) and the tokidoki exclusive blue ($39.95, 400 pieces) to release in June.

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May 28, 2012

The Beast Brothers – Royal Calaverita (05.30)


The Beast Brothers have plans on releasing another one of their amazing looking Calaverita figures. The Royal Calaverita will be released on Wednesday, May 30th at 1PM EST in the Beast Brothers webstore. Limited to only 20 pieces, these should go fairly quickly. Each figure is hand painted, numbered and signed by the brotherly duo.

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Gary Ham x Freak Store – Their First Original Vinyl Figure: Fonzo


Freak Store is super ecstatic to announce their very first original vinyl figure, which was inspired by their French Bull dog and designed by Gary Ham, Fonzo. Being the store mascot and face of Freak Store, Fonzo just had to be turned into a toy. This figure stands 6” tall and is limited to 200 pieces worldwide. They will be available next week in a designer vinyl store near you! For more information, feel free to follow Freak Store at @freakstore. Word has it there is also a chase version available also.

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Seen: TxB


Bwana Spoons and Japanese artist T9G opened their joint TxB show at Toy Art Gallery on Saturday (5.26).  The show features a legion of customs, a few paintings,  as well as a small number of select production items including the pink proto edition of the T9G sculpted vinyls of Bwana Spoons’ Killer + Globby (set) and Marty.  The left side of the gallery features a gorgeous floor to ceiling mural by Bwana and Alex Chiu.  In the center of the gallery, the two artists created a whimsical mini rustic scene installation featuring hand-painted custom toys in and around  hand-made wood huts.  The right-side of the gallery features a large number of hand-painted T9G custom figures including Rangeas, Biskup Rangeas, Sqalone and others.   

The new trio of Bwana Spoons x T9G figures (Killer, Globby and Marty) feature T9G’s feral sculpting – definitely eye catching interpretations of Bwana’s creations.   The debut releases feature unpainted pieces cast in neon pink rather than the classic black. 

TxB is an excellent showcase of both artists’ characters and their considerable customizing skills.  It’s also your best bet for T9G items in the USA including the Rangeas Kubricks from the A&A exhibit. 


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Jon Knox’s New Resin Figure Brewster for R. Newbold


It’s been some time since we’ve seen a new original resin figure from Jon Knox, which gives us great pleasure in introducing to you, Brewster. This figure is an exclusive to the R. Newbold pop-up shop in Japan and come in 5 different colorways. Not sure if these will make it to their online store, but if you say happen to be in Japan or know someone there, maybe they’d be nice enough to pick one up for you!


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Reactor-88’s Customer Corner: Rohby

Welcome to Reactor-88's Custom Corner. To close out the month of May we are highlighting Rohby, a full-time toy designer working out of Santa Ana, California. He's very involved in the Macross/Robotech scene creating extremely accurate and detailed scale pieces of some of the classic mechs from that world. At the same time he creates original works and of course customizes toys that we are all familiar with in the vinyl art toy world. I was first introduced to Rohby's work when I came across his custom VF-11 "Thunderbolt" Munny many years ago. At that point I knew Rohby was someone to keep an eye on and over the years he's continued to impress with pieces like his Mad_Catz custom Mad*L and Siberian SWAT mech suit Munny. To keep up with Rohby and his work, check out his blog and flickr page.


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Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl -- Miquitzticoatl



In 2011, Kuso Vinyl released Jesse Hernandez’s popular Mictlan vinyl. Next up is Miquitzticoatl (‘Death Serpent’).  The sculpt for this fierce 9” figure blends an armored aztec  warrior with a serpent, complete with shield and spear accessories.   The design offers a bit of surprise as the front view hides the tail and the serpent identity.   In addition to the line art above, Kuso also sent over several shots of the sculpt (after the jump).   No word yet on when this one will drop, but we’re pretty sure Jesse’s collectors will add this to their personal want lists. 


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May 26, 2012

Kozik x Kidrobot – Happy Labbit Mini Series (06.07)


Kozik and Kidrobot are happy to bring to you the Happy Labbit Mini Series! Re-introducing the Labbit with 18 new designs to tickle all your happy buds! Each Labbit features a fun little mouth accessory, such as the mustache, drink cup, gas mask, ice cream cone and much more. These will be available on Thursday, June 7th at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers for $4.95 each blind box.


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May 24, 2012

Ron English -- ‘American Depress’ for Kidrobot Black (5.29)


Here we have the first glimpse at Ron English’sAmerican Depress’ Figure with Kidrobot for their  Kidrobot Black line! Set to release on Tuesday, May 29th, as well as during a special event at Kidrobot New York, this figure is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, stands 12” tall and retails $400. The event will take place from 6-8PM and will also release the American Depress mini print, which is an edition of 90.

Kidrobot NY
118 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012


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May 23, 2012

Kidrobot’s Exclusive Veggie Burger Bunny by Joe Ledbetter (6.1)

veggie_BB_final flyer

Just a little while ago we posted a teaser image of ‘a new Burger Bunny’ from JLedKidrobot has officially taken the wraps off its exclusive  Veggie Burger Bunny (40 pcs, $300) produced by The Loyal Subjects.  The new 10” wood piece is an all-veggie version of the OG piece released last year.  The veggie edition  features a stack of two savory garden patties, mustard, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss cheese, between a’ whole wheat’ bun. 

The Veggie Burger Bunny  will debut at a pre-release/signing event with Joe @ KRLA (6.1).  In addition to the new all-wood figure, Joe will release a special event-only ‘Nice Buns’ print (edition of 50, $50). [Via the Kidrobot Blog]


Joe Ledbetter || Veggie Burger Bunny Pre-Release
Friday, June 1st (6-8 PM)

Kidrobot LA
7972 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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FERG – Chipp s004 and Boomer [Fort Burnout-DSRT] (5.28)


A few days ago we mentioned the imminent arrival of the new Fort Burnout Chipp s004 and Boomer set from Ferg and Playge. Now, here’s the official word and full look at the set.  Chipp  is ready to rock with a sMK23 pistol w/holster, SM4 assualt rife w/red dot and suppressor, a modular tactical vest, FB shirt, bandana, both OG and 2.08 arms, removable helmet and two sets of lenses – smoke and yellow.  Boomer features a head case which opens to reveal 2 ‘pipe bombs’ and a modular harness.  An edition of 200, the 2-figure set drops on Monday, May 28th @ Noon CDT (10 AM PDT) from the Squadt Store for $115 (includes global shipping).  Btw if someone asks you which toy is hot, tell them this one.


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