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May 07, 2012

Goodie Monster on Kickstarter – Healthful Snack Machine + Toy

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Sadly, more and more people are losing the battle with their waistlines. Obesity is a growing  problem (42% obese by 2030)  that affects us all in one way or another -- directly or indirectly through soaring medical costs.  In my non-expert opnion, a big part of stemming or reversing this damaging health trend is to have people eat healthful food and that includes snacks.   Wouldn't it be cool if it was easy to get your hands on healthful snacking alternatives when the munchies strike ?   Mark Jacobs and his partner Mette  have answered the calling with the Goodie Monster – a converted vending machine delivering healthful snacks in the guise of a friendly monster thanks to a plush monster suit. 

Right now there’s only one Goodie Monster.  Mark and Mette have started a Kickstarter campaign to unleash four more of these healthful vending machines – the idea being that the revenue from the added machines will provide the funds for yet more Goodie Monsters.  The duo are looking to put them into schools, museums, and hospitals – all the places hungry kids can be found on the lookout for munchies.   Awesome, but what’s this have to do with toys ?  Simple.  Pledge $30 to the KS campaign and you’ll receive a 3” limited-edition vinyl Goodie Monster vinyl produced by none other than Crazy Label.  The final toy will be green and furry (flocked). 

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