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May 30, 2012

Coarse – Rise of Pain in Dreams (6.12)


By now we expect excellence from Coarse Toys. For their latest release Mark Landwehr and crew have created an ambitious vinyal art toy sculpture that has few equals.  First seen in 2010 as $5000 ultra limited-edition resin piece, the 1:3 ‘Pain in Dreams’ presented what appeared to be the imminent demise of pain, bloodied, bandaged and lying on a pool of his own blood.  Now, Coarse has persevered to bring their vision, almost unchanged, to life as a 1:3 vinyl piece.

Rise of Pain in Dreams features a 1:3  vinyl Pain lying on his potential death bed to which he’s permanently attached.    With its considerable scale (27” x 14” x 7.4”), the ‘toy’ offers a dramatic showcase of Coarse’s work and the potential of vinyl art toys.  This is a bold move, at 27” long in a horizontal format, this new Pain is positioned not as a toy that will slip onto a shelf or slot into a display case, but rather one that will  command a central position in a room,  perhaps not normally afforded to a vinyl figure.   For blurring the line between vinyl toy and sculpture, Coarse deserves serious recognition for this latest effort.

The vinyl Rise of Pain in Dreams is limited to 200 pieces at HK$5880 (~ $757).  Look for it drop to exclusively online at coarse hkg on June 12th @ 8:59 AM PDT.

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