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Apr 07, 2012

Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries – Spike Wad Release (04.08)


Jeff Lamm’s Spike Wad figure is ready for his highly anticipated release, which will be taking place tomorrow, Sunday, March 8th through the Unbox Industries Online Store. You’d think that there would only be one Spike Wad to choose from? Alas, you are mistaken, because Unbox will be dropping 5 different colorways! Including the “Black Hole”, “Bloo”, “Absinthe”, “Satsuma” and “Claw” colorways at just $45 a pop! Keep an eye out on their shop HERE, as we do not know the exact time of the release. Also, keep in mind that Spike Wad can swap parts along with M5 Bravo and Stee-Gar. Think of all the crazy combinations with all of the different colorways!

Spike Wad is a fairly new large mutant spider. It's origins are unknown, some say it first appeared in the area of the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. It was given the military nomenclature "Spider Quad" which was shortened to "Spi-Quad" and finally "Spike Wad".

The gender is unknown. Currently it has not been observed making a web or shooting silk. The volcano-like protrusions on it's back appear to be a defensive mechanism, the larger ones can extend and shoot gelatinous balls of a gooey substance. The gelatinous balls are extremely thick and sticky, and they have a slight numbing effect on human skin.

The three large eyes give it excellent nocturnal vision, with a sort of thermal imaging view. The teeth can deliver a paralyzing venom if a bite is made, although the teeth are too big to penetrate a human being.

Spike Wad's four arms make him/her an excellent climber, it has been observed climbing tall buildings and towers with alarming speed. The arms are covered in a sort of armored exoskeleton.

The body is covered in a thick fuzzy hair, which is impervious to fire. A single hair is about the width of a Bavarian weisswurst.

Spike Wad has no known weaknesses, but it has been noted that he/she seems to bypass cultural icons, cheese shops and boulangeries when rampaging.


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