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Apr 24, 2012

Ferg x Grody Shogun – Young Gohst Subscription (4.30)


Back in November, Ferg revealed the Young Gohst project, a collaborative effort with Grody Shogun. Since that time we’ve been waiting for additional news and photos.  The wait is over.  Ferg has announced the Young Gohst subscription and with it released pictures of some samples as well as a chart revealing color combinations.  Young Gohst’s hybrid design which blends the Squadt and Sofubi aesthetics, features a sculpt from Scott Wilkowski with a simple outter body and a suspended brain (4 different designs). 

The half-year subscription will include 13 figures ( 1 chase) with 2 shipped per month for five months followed by 3 in the final six month.   While the color combinations are set (see chart after the jump), the brain sculpts are not and are random.  The subscription goes on sale on April 30th @ Noon CDT and will be available for about a week.  The price for the 13 figures including shipping is $285 (~ $22/fig) with an additional $70 for international orders.  In addition to the subscription, there will be a 2-pack featuring the first two Young Gohsts for $58 shipped.

We’re definitely digging this project. It’s a really nice blend of worlds and approaches from three very talented guys.  It’s got ‘special’ written all over it.

001-Young_gohst_colorchart 001-young_gohst_samp2 001-young_gohst_samp3 _001 001-young_gohst_samp4

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How tall are these?

Sorry. 3 inches.

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