Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Stuart Witter

Welcome to Reactor-88’s Custom Corner. For March I’m featuring the very talented Stuart Witter. Stu hails from London and is a self-proclaimed mercenary artist-engineer- which means he makes whatever cool stuff people want. Some of his clients include Hasbro, Sony Records, WOW toys, and Games Workshop. When it comes to custom toys, he has his own brand called Lowlife which has collaborated with the likes of Jon Burgerman and David Blandy. I first came across Stu’s work many years ago during the Kidrobot Mini Munny Mobile contest. His "Batmun" custom took the Best in Show award. I knew at the time he’d be someone to watch, and he hasn’t disappointed over the years. From the sculpting to the paint application, each of his figures looks like it’s a prototype for a production run. They’re ultra-clean and ultra-impressive. I also love the sinister expression that you find on most of his pieces- it’s all in the eyes… As a bonus, Stu has graciously given me the exclusive on his newest custom, The Goodnight Panda (above). Stu tells me we’ll see more collaborations with UK toy artists from Lowlife soon- I for one can’t wait… To keep up with Stu, be sure to like his Facebook page, and to see more of his custom toy work, check out his Flickr photo stream here.

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  1. Check out his Flickr page with that link. All I can so is WOW. There are so many good ones on there he should do a series for KR.

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