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Mar 31, 2012

Koralie x Kidrobot - Arlequine 3-inch Dunny (04.12)


Koralie joins Kidrobot’s 3” Dunny train with her all new Arlequine Dunny! It feels as though she is following along the Circus theme after the release of Chauskoskis’ Birro The Clown Dunny. Could this be a coincidence? We’ll have to wait to see the next release to solve that mystery. Arlequine comes accessorized with a fabric collar and a blue balloon. This piece is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and will be available exclusively at all KR Locations for $14.95 on Thursday, April 12th.


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Mar 30, 2012

We Kill You -- ‘A Cry for Help, In a World Gone Mad’ @ CBNC (3.31)


Toronto transplant We Kill You will unveil and offer a new collection of work (toys, tees, 2D work, and more) for his ‘A Cry for Help, In A World Gone Mad’ opening @ the Chubby Boob compound during the Brewery Art Walk on Saturday (3.31).  For his first LA show (as in ever), WKY has collaborated with CBNC on a new resin figure, Chubbs, and a show exclusive tee.  From the official teaser video (below, by Ace Carreterro),  the toy features a Chubby Boob logo head with an urban style body.

We Kill You || ‘A Cry for Help, In a World Gone Mad’
Opening: Saturday March 31st 2012 (7-11 PM)

2020 N. Main #12
Los Angeles, CA 9003


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Sucklord 43 Drop Tonight @ Munky King (3.30)


For your Friday evening consider dropping by Munky King to check out the release of the new Sucklord 43 figure (30 pcs) as part of the masked one’s Super-Cali Suck Hole event which will double as a Sucky birthday celebration/signing .  While Mr. Suck is  just slightly modest in his typical self-deprecating tone, ‘the shittiest Suckadelic figure in years’, the new toy’s lookin’ pretty upscale in the metallic dark silver finish.  If you can’t make it out to the show, you can still partake in the celebration.  Tweet #suckhole to @munkykingtoys  today (3.30) to score some free Sucklord card packs.

Sucklord || ‘Super-Cali Suck Hole’
Friday, March 30th (6-9 PM)

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Ecstasy – Zita Mini Figures – Series 1


Ecstasy is a lifestyle and clothing brand coming from Taiwan and they’ve turned their Mascot Zita into his very own mini figure series. This series of 2.5” tall figures will include 6 different colorways along with a secret chase colorway. They should soon be hitting your favorite toy stores at a price of $8 each. After checking out the Zita World site, it seems as though they have a ton of fun characters. Perhaps another mini toy series is in the works? We hope that’s an idea that has crossed their minds!


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Crappy Cat – Crap Stink Splasher Release (04.04)


Here’s some great news for you Crappy Cat fans! Releasing on Wednesday, April 4th at 11AM PST is the Crap Stinker Splasher set. This set comes with 1 CrapStinkSplasher CrappyCat figure, 1 CrapStinkSplasher FlunkMonkey Figure and a 11” x 17”  signed & numbered Splasher Poster. A every awesome set with some very awesome mini figures! This release is also limited to only 125 pieces with a 48 Hour Buying Window. All for the price of $35 with Free shipping!


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Nathan Hamill x Toy Art Gallery – 40” Prometheus Bellicose Bunny


Everyone knows Toy Art Gallery loves to go BIG with toys. So after hearing Nathan Hamill was going to have a show, we had an inkling that something large and charge would soon be unleashed to the masses. Introducing the 40” tall (3.33’) Prometheus Edition Bellicose Bunny, who is available now through TAG for $2400 (painted) / $2700 (plated). Send your inquiries to the TAG crew at info[at]toyartgallery[dot]com.

Update (3.30): Added pricing information.


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Mar 29, 2012

Toy2R’s 5” Spike and Melting DIY Mini-Qees

001-Sales_5inch_Mini_Qee_Spike_Bear Sales_5inch_MiniQee_Samurai_Pumpkin

Toy2R has just officially announced two new wildly textured additions to their 5” DIY Mini-Qee Line: Spike Bear and Melting Bear.  The new DIY’s come in four shades – Black, White, Red and Hot Pink. These are set to drop in April for $20 each.  While the stylized textures have visual appeal, they might not be very desirable to discriminating customizers in search of smooth, large surface areas. However, casual DIYers are likely to be drawn to the unusual shapes.  These will also certainly find their way on to collector’s shelves perhaps in color-focused collections. 

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Mar 28, 2012

Shawnimals – Ninja of the Month: Eel Ninja (04.04)


April is just around the corner and you know what that means! The release of the all new Ninja of the Month from Shawnimals. Introducing Eel Ninja, the disciple to Hydroshi the Sea Slug. Releasing on Wednesday, April 4th at 1PM CDT, this aquatic ninja will be available in the Shawnimals Shop for $30 each. They are all handmade and measure 7” x 7” and come signed and numbered in a edition of 100 pieces.


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Ajee x k.olin tribu – Porcelain Kosplay (03.28)


For their newest release, k.olin tribu will be working with Ajee to release the all new, all Porcelain, Kosplay art piece. This release comes in two parts, which include both the bear (4.3” tall) and the female character {8” Tall). Each piece is handmade  and comes packaged in individual boxes for extra protection. They are also each numbered in an edition of 12 pieces and will be available tomorrow (Wednesday, March 28th) HERE.


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Mar 27, 2012

Podgy Panda x Crisr Collaboration Resin Figure


First seen over at TRE are these super rad collaborative resin figures from Podgy Panda and Cris Rose. To the left is Podgy Panda’s figure, which features none other than his Panda character with a powered space suit. To the right you see Crisr’s rendition of a robotized Panda, who so happens to also be a chef that works in a chain of restaurants. Why is he strapped to a jetpack? To get food to the tables faster of course!

These figures measure approximately 3” x 3.5” with posable heads and removable domes and should be releasing in early April. They will first be released in limited editions of 5 each. Cris Rose and Podgy will be painting their own editions and will also have a few one-offs available during the release as well. Stay tuned for more information!


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mr clement - ‘Please Forget Me’ Petit Lapin Museum 2012

please forget me-A-1 please forget me-A-2

mr clement has been posting teasers of his next upcoming “Museum Series” Petit Lapin figure, titled “Please Forget Me.”. It looks as thought they will be available in two colorways, white and gray. No information on the exact date of the drop, but mr clement also mentions that this is his first vinyl sculpture. Stay tuned for more information on this release.

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Slick – Yin Yang Hands


Riffing off his popular LA Hands design, LA street artist Slick recently released the new Yin Yang Hands vinyl (6”) with the classic black-white pattern symbolizing balance in all things.  The new edition stands 6” tall with an apparent retail of about $40.  Find it at your favorite Dissizit! retailer or adopedistribution.com [via Dizzisit!]


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Ron English x Made by Monsters -- 10” Mousemask Murphy


Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy is steppin’ up in the toy biz with  these new 10” figures from the trendsetters @ Made by Monsters.  So far we’ve seen the post apocalyptic mouse as a blindbox mini-fig (MINDstyle) and most recently as a WWII aviator complete with fighter plane (ZacPac).  Now comes this new large-format figure. Available in both the ‘international’ color edition sporting the traditional color scheme and the ZacPac monotone edition, Mousemask Murphy is available for $140 directly – drop them a line info[at]garageworksindustries[dot]com. Limit 2 per customer.

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Ashley Wood & 3A : Bertie Mk3 Sand Devil available for Pre-Order


ThreeA is currently offering Ashley Wood’s Bertie Mk3 Sand Devil figure exclusively on Bambaland as a pre-order for $70 with an estimated ship window of sometime in July.  Rough ‘n tumble, this Bertie is ready to take on all-comers with his well-used assault shotgun. If you want in on the fun, be quick about it.


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Josh Herbolsheimer x S7 – Pink Prowler Casket Cruiser (4.5)

It’s not a Cadillac, but it’s definitely an eye-catching ride.  Josh Herbolsheimer’s Rose Vampire is set to tool around in his stylish pink casket.  Cast in Pink GID vinyl with white, red, yellow and blue sprays, the Pink Prowler Casket Cruiser is good to go day or night.  Super7 will drop this one for $65 on Thursday April 5th 2012 @ Noon PDT from their web shop and SF location.

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Doktor A – Candy Cane Wranger for Monsters and Misfits II (4.13)


While we’re talking about Monsters and Misfits II in Takayama, Japan (4.13), why not take a closer look at Doktor A’s Candy Cane Wrangler ?  First seen on the official show flier, Dok recently posted spiffy turn-around style photos of his ‘candy factory minion’.


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Chris Ryniak for Monsters and Misfits II (4.13 – 4.26)

For Monsters & Misfits II in Japan (4.13 – 4.26), Chris Ryniak has been busy creating all manners of beasties (monsters seems so judgmental for many of these seemingly innocuous creatures).  What really sets Chris apart from other talented ‘toy’ sculptors is his ability to convey emotion simply and effectively through facial expressions and body positioning. That skill is on glorious display with these new presumed one-of-a-kinds which he’s been posting to his tumblr.  

If you find yourself in Japan, you’ll definitely want to check out the show at the Kusaba Folk Museum, organized once again by Tomenosuke in conjunction with Circus Posterous.  This time around it will feature the original cast including Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, and Chris Ryniak, as well as Doktor A and Amanda Louise Spayd.  


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Mar 26, 2012

Openings: Yoskay Yamamoto’s ‘Joke’s on Me’


No doubt you’ve seen many of Yoskay Yamamoto’s toy mashups and completely original sculptures done for ‘Joke’s on Me’ which opened this past saturday @ LeBasse Projects Chinatown.   I made it out to the opening and can happily report it’s a must see show if you’re in the LA area.  Check out the full photo gallery posted over at Dailydujour.

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Scott Tolleson – Francis Nosellots

001-031712_3071 001-031712_3087

Scott Tolleson and Screaming Sky Gallery have teamed up once again on a brand new Nosellot plushFrancis.  The smallest yet (8.5”) of the bunch  is a studious fellow (micro-biology, thank you) who can flutter about though soaring high above is out of the question due to the weight his prominent horns.  Francis  is available in a standard yellow edition ($25) and a Screaming Sky Exclusive Blue variety ($25).  Look for the yellow Francis at your favorite toy boutique shortly. The ever-expanding Nosellot family now includes Lyle Bean, Bernie Cotton and Francis.


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Vannen x Nathan Jurevicius – Exclusive ‘Haven’ Sneak Peek (03.30)


We are happy to share with you an exclusive sneak peek of the packaging for Nathan Jurevicius’s upcoming ‘Haven’ Watch with Vannen Watches. This newest collaboration from Vannen will be releasing this Friday, March 30th at 12:01AM PST. These will be limited to 150 pieces total and will retail for $85 each. Each box is signed, numbered and doodled by Nathan. One lucky customer will find an original drawing by Nathan, which is redeemable for a one of a kind Akis figure by Nathan from Cherry Vinyl.


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Anna Chambers – New Plush Rabbit

001-orange stripe

Looks like Anna Chambers, one of our favorite plush artists, is about to release a new plush figure due in time for Easter.  Judging by the ears and her previous one-off plushes,  we’ll go way out (hah!) on a limb and say this new striped creation is a wee lil’ rabbit.  In addition to the orange, there’s also a green striped edition waiting in the wings (seen on her blog’s title banner image).

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Sucklord’s ‘Super-Cali Suck-Hole’ (3.30)


The infamously irrepressible Sucklord will slink into LA for the Super-Cali Suck-Hole’ on Friday (3.30) @ Munky King (aka unsuspecting suckers). The birthday boy bootlegger extraordinaire will grace the masses with the release of his new Sucklord 43 figure, ‘the shittiest Suckdalic figure in years’ (ah yes! perfection…). 

Mr. Suck || Super-Cali Suck-Hole
Friday, March 30th 2012 (6-9 PM)

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Mar 24, 2012

Seen: Nathan Hamill's Bellicosity @ TAG


On Saturday evening, TAG presented Bellicosity, a group custom show featuring an eye-catching selection of artist interpretations of Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny (3dRetro). This is a fun, strong show with fairly consistent creativity and execution throughout. Standout pieces include Julie B's trio of custom sculpted resin ice cream cone bunnies, JRyu's delicately sculpted downtrodden rocket dunce bunny and Jester's centerpiece featuring one very big ride. On the product front, there's 3DRetro's brand new Stealth Edition Bellicose Bunny as well as a sweet tee. Finally, a very BIG surprise is circling the USA in a wayward cargo plane. Look for an update shortly.



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Mar 23, 2012

Mark Ryden – YHWH in Red, Gold and Blue (3.27)


Nearly three years after Mark Ryden and Necessaries Toy Foundation debuted his YHWH vinyl figure in the original pink edition, Ryden and Porterhouse Fine Art are about to release the 16” vinyl figure in three new shades – Red, Gold and Blue. This apparently brings the total released edition # to six (pink, white, black, red, gold, & blue).   Limited to 100 pieces each, the new editions include a special, numbered mini-print and and a COA.  The three new editions will be released from Porterhouse Fine Art on Tuesday, March 27th 2012 @ 8 AM PDT for $200 each, while the set of three will be available for a discounted price of $500.


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64Colors – Gumdrop Available Now


First seen in a limited GID edition at SDCC 2011, 64color’s adorable Gumdrop mini-fig (1.75”) is now available for adoption. Marshall’s BFF comes your way from the dream team of Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink.  Packaged in clear plastic bags for the discriminating would-be owner, Gumdrop comes in six colors with two expressions (happy and surprised). Gumdrop is available now via Rotofugi and the 64colors webshop for $5.95 each and should soon find his way to your favorite shopping spot.


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