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Feb 01, 2012

Tomenosuke x Brandt Peters x Ferg – Trouble Boy #7

First seen during their recent joint exhibition, Trigger @ The Stranger FactoryTrouble Boy #7 from Brandt Peters and Ferg is slated for release as an exclusive from Japan’s Tomenosuke. Drawing on the lore of the Yakuza, Japan’s organized crime syndicates, this eye-patch sporting crime lord will pack twin MAC submachine guns and a tanto knife.  Going by Brandt’s original concept sketches, #7 will also honor the Yakuza tradition of elaborate full-body tattoos. 

The Trouble Boys have proven to be extremely popular with collectors.  #7 will definitely keep that trend going, and how.  Tomensouke scores yet another choice exclusive.

[Via Circus Posterus]


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