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Feb 08, 2012

Frank Kozik – Choice Cuts Labbit Drop @ LA Butcher Shop (2.9)


For the LA release of Frank Kozik’s ‘Choice Cuts’ 10” Labbit (1200 pcs, $80) , Kidrobot has decided to take the theme to heart.  In lieu of KR LA, Frank will hold court (or is that table) @ Lindy & Grundy, a boutique butcher shop, just a few blocks away from the store.  More than just a cool backdrop for the event,  the shop has cooked up honest to goodness smorkin’ labbit sausage (smoked rabbit) just for the occasion.  C’ya there.

Frank Kozik || Choice Cuts 10” Labbit Drop
Thursday, February 9th 2012  (7:30 – 9 PM)

801 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046?


Kozik CC Butcher Shop Flyer_changes_2

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shut up. no one cares. food is food.

I don't understand. :/
What's the point of paying 80 dollars for something you're going to cut up and butcher. What's the point in this?

this is so cool and fuck you rina and rita hoffman

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