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Feb 04, 2012

FOE Presents: Garamaniacal (02.10)


FOE and Michael Nordstrom of Garamania are working together to bring you a fantastic show, titled Garamaniacal. This art show features all things Garamon and Pygmon, an homage to these classic Japanese monsters. The show will take place on Friday, February 10th from 6-9PM. This show features a huge array of artists from all around the world, bringing to you custom toys and artwork.

Artist Line-Up: Astromonster/Alex Wald, Bill Nordstrom, PLASEEBO/Bob CongeBob Eggleton, CUPCO/Luke Temby, Dave Dopko, Gargamel, Greasebat/Jeff Lamm, Grody Shogun/Luke Rook, hellopike/Phil Staszkiw, Isabel Samaras, Jason Edmiston, Jim Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer,Cometdebris/Koji Harmon, hi guys!/Lauren Stutzman, Leecifer/Lee Gadja, Mark Dabelstein, Mark Nagata, Matt Sesow, Miles Nielsen,Monster Worship, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore/Rich Montanari Jr. , Paddy Charles, Paul Kaiju, Jacquelyn Heloise, Prometheum5/Ben Mininberg,Ralph Cosentino, Robert DeCastro, Steve Seeley, Gorilla Mouth/Troy Stith, zapatoloco/Benoit Robitaille, Brian Mahony/Guumon, Walter Parenton, Toybot Studios/Kirkland Jue, Michael Skattum, Rob Kimmel, Chauskoskis/Walter Jacott, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Street Grapes,Michael Tonn, Mike Ridge and more.

Take a look at just a few of the submissions for the show after the jump. Be sure to check out the contest they’ve got going to win some awesome Garamon toys. You can find all the info you need HERE.

Foe Store & Gallery
28 Pleasant Street 
Northampton, MA 01060

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