Ron English — ‘Fat Tony’


Spotted on an LA grocery store shelf in October ‘11 as part of the Master of Popaganda’s quick-strike guerilla campaign decrying the high sugar content in children’s cereal,   Ron English’s ‘Fat Tony’ is about to make his way from the parody cereal box to the art toy shelf.  First reported by Clutter, Fat Tony will soon drop in an OG edition (500 pieces) followed by several smaller follow-up drops (100 pcs) each.   

Fat Tony should prove to be a big hit with collectors.  The design effortlessly communicates the societal message by perfectly subverting the popularity of Kellogs’ iconic pitch character.   While similar in concept to English’s previous MC Supersize figure, Fat Tony seems to have a slightly downtrodden expression rather than the carefree laugh of the previous toy. Perhaps Fat Tony is equal parts victim and perpetrator.  Though he’s certainly seen in a better mood on the box.

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