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Dec 31, 2011

Sucklord – Microsexuals Suckpegs x 4


Not only does Sucklord still play with toys he’s a pro at it (well…kinda…sorta).  Exhibit A: his Microsexuals web video series featuring extremely familiar ‘naut toys and choice voiceover.  If you’re curious, EP 6 – The Pitch has just dropped.  That’s not the real news though.  Nope.  Sucklord has also released four Microsexual Suckpegs (l to r): Levar, Stevan, Julian and Lance. Each of these childhood meets wacky adult life toys is available now for $60 in the Suckstore.

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Paul Kaiju – Mock Bat Revealed


Paul Kaiju’s quest for sofubi domaination began with Boss Carrion and how.  Boss is an instant sell-out whenever Paul drops a new edition.  How to follow up the boss?  Mock Bat!  Here’s a look at the wicked, spot-on sculpt.  Now the wait begins for the debut release.

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Bwana Spoons – Jelly Factory Boris the Bee Sculpt


Looks like Bwana Spoons has created a new Boris sculpt for his turn as a Jelly Factory resin edition.  The new Boris resembles his vinyl self, though he’s bulked up, quite a bit. We’re looking forward to seeing the Borris in full Jelly Goodness.

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Sneak: K.olin Tribu – Nathan Jurevicius’ Bunniguru in Porcelain


For the past year or so, k.olin tribu has been working their magic to elevate art toys with limited-edition porcelain runs of popular and in many cases iconic figures.  Next up is one of my personal favorites – Bunniguru by Nathan Jurevicius.  From these shots posted to twitter, the porcelain edition looks great and should be released shortly.


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Dec 30, 2011

Coll Snowball’s Hog & The Slot

The Hog, Slot and BigPig, residents of Hagg Wood have been relentlessly stalking UK Designer Coll Snowball for years as countless doodles in the margins his sketchbooks and corners of random pieces of paper. Now he’s about to free himself by unleashing them and their ensuing mischief  on unsuspecting vinyl collectors.  

First up is Hog, a deceptively innocuous-looking sort, and his quirky sidekick, The Slot, a mere molar with decidedly grander aspirations.  With the Hog prototype nearly completed, Coll is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few days to make his toy dreams a reality.


Coll is planning three editions of the 3”' Hog – Zip Tup, Captain ‘A’ Pants, and my favorite, the Howler. There are also plans for a 3” DIY and an 8” DIY.   If all goes well, BigPig – a sloth who tends to reproduce constantly, will follow in Hog’s peculiar footsteps.


With a curious blend of cute and off-center quirky, the trio of Hog designs feel pleasantly different.  From the front, the Hog has a more or less familiar shape.  Seen from the side, the Hog’s boxy profile meshes nicely with Coll’s curious designs.   We’ll let you know when the Kickstarter campaign is up and running.


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Shawnimals – Ninja Builder for iOS

001-photo _001 001-home-screen 001-photo


The legend of Ninjatown continues to grow with today’s release of the new free ‘Ninja Builder’ from Shawnimals and the codesmiths at Pickle King.   As you might guess, the new iOS app (sorry Android users) lets you create your very own ninja by choosing suit color, eyes, mask, facial hair, weapons, food, background and more.   Once you’re down you can share your creation via Twitter and Facebook and can also save it as an image to do whatever you’d like such as post them to your blog. My Ninja masterpieces (ahem) are shown above on the left and right.

Going a bit deeper, Ninja Builder uses the freemium concept meaning the basic app is free with additional premium content is available for purchase.  In this case, there are two separate Ninja Packs which supply extra ‘Ninja Parts’.  Also, the app is written for the iPhone and runs in the compatibility mode on iPads.  The app is well-done and easy to use.  Putting on the critic’s hat for a second, more variety in Ninja parts would be very welcome.

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Dec 29, 2011

Ferg -- ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’ for Trigger


Ferg recently posted this sweat teaser of what appears to be a custom Chipp Squadt, done for his upcoming Trigger joint show with Brandt Peters @ the Stranger Factory (1.6).  After a second look, this screams Tony Montana.  So I’ve taken the liberty to title this post as I have.  I wonder if Ferg has a Scarface shrine in his ummm… ‘Crib’. Very cool. 

Brandt Peters and Ferg || ‘Trigger’
Opening: Friday Janauary 6th, 2011 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106

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myplasticheart’s After Xmas Sale (12.29 – 1.9)


myplasticheart has just up their ‘After Xmas’ sale with a wide assortment of toys discounted by as much as 50%.   If you’re wondering, there’s plenty to choose from with a good mix of newer and old toys at easy on the wallet prices.  Western, eastern, blind-box, kaiju, there’s a little bit of everything.  For the name conscious: Junko Mizuno, Joe Ledbetter, Jon Paul Kaiser, David Horvath, Luke Chueh, TADO, Kaijin, Secret Base, and many more.  The holiday savings end on January 9th.

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Frank Schaefer x TAG – Vinyl Rorschach 2012 Calendar


It’s coming… 2012.  Ready for the new year,  Frank Schaefer’s 2012 Vinyl Rorschach calendar released in conjunction with Toy Art Gallery,  brings you 13 of his humorous, stylish and meticulously executed photos of popular (and not so popular) toys, many of the designer vinyl variety.  Also, in classic Frank OCD fashion he’s filled it with the birthdays of a large number of vinyl toy folks and  countless holidays. If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical, blah calendar to keep track of the coming year,   this might be just the thing. 

There are three ways to pick up the calendar for $20 (+ $5 s/h and sales tax) – eBay (in lieu of an online store), directly from Frank by dropping him a line at frank@frank2020.com or if you want to pick one up in person, drop by TAG on Melrose in Hollywood. 


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Huck Gee’s Sushi Chef & Octo Samurai


Jaw = Dropped, as we see this amazing custom Munny Set by Huck Gee for a private collector. Introducing the Sushi Chef and Octo Samurai. We can tell who won the battle between these two, as this set also comes with a basket filled with Octo’s tentacles. Yet again, Huck crushes it with the detailed accessories and clothing. We hope to see more customs like this and boy are we envious of the lucky owner of this winning set!


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Dec 28, 2011

Ziqi Wu x Creo Design – QiQi Vinyl Figure Teaser #2

qiqi_poster mine

Creo Design is happy to show off another teaser of  ZIQI’s original vinyl figure, QiQi, who was last seen HERE. This time, we get a better glimpse of the three colorways they have in store for us. The colorways include the Original Red, Limited Edition Metallic Black and Limited Edition Metallic Red. QiQi stands 3” tall and features articulation in the head and both arms. We are hoping to hear more news of when and where these will be available. More news coming soon!

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Joe Ledbetter – Mutant Bunny: Funny Bunny Print


Joe Ledbetter has just released Funny Bunny, the eleventh monthly print in his ongoing Mutant Bunny Print Series #2.   This poor Bunny is just a bit mixed up and completely unaware of the impending danger. Limited to 99 s/n pieces, Funny Bunny measures 5” x 7” and is available now from Joeledbetter.com for $40.

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Dec 27, 2011

Lulubell Toys Release: Grody Shogun’s GID Mucky Monster Pre-Order


Available for Pre-Order now through Lulubell Toy Bodega is the all new GID Mucky Monster from Grody Shogun. Mucky Monster is compiled of an assortment of GID Monster bodies and features Karakuri arms and body, which make up the ears. Each figure is hand painted by Grody and will be a blind bag release. They are now available for Pre-Order HERE for $35 each.

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Be@rbrick 23


The Be@rbrick juggernaut rolls on.  Medicom just released Series 23 of their flagship mini-fig series  with a mix of designs including several licensed properties including Real Steel, Rilakkuma, Sonic and more.  For us though, the real gem is the rare Mishka one designed by Lamour Supreme (above: 2nd from the right on the bottom row). Apparently the chance of pulling this one is only 1.09% (yikes) – or roughly one per master carton.  Series 23 also features an Andy Warhol design (bananna). After the break, check out the ‘secret’ figures as revealed by Instinctoy.


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Gloomy 100% Be@rbrick V3


Fans of Mori Chack’s Gloomy Bear might want to pickup the new 100% Be@rbrick V3 with a shiny metallic pink finish.  Released earlier this month from Medicom, this one looks upscale with the new finish. For those in the USA, Toy Tokyo has it available for ‘pre-order’ for $24.99.

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Chris Ryniak -- Snoweater

001-Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 11.59.52 AM
If you’re looking to commission an artist to make a special present for someone, Chris Ryniak just might be the ticket. Exhibit A: this chilly and glittery Snoweater, a custom crumbeater.  Someone is extremely lucky… and happy!  Dig the snowflake – blends right in.  Sounds like we might be seeing more glittery pieces from Ryniak.

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Task One -- ‘Fly Me to the Moon’


This new custom from Task One caught my eye. ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ features a giant space-walking Astronaut complete with his signature LED effects.  Rocking some nested toy action, the giant piece uses a 20” Mega Munny for the space suit and an 8” Dunny for the actual astronaut.  Fun + cool.


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Dec 26, 2011

Sergey Safonov – Winter Harvest Kluth Boat


For his last release of 2011, Sergey Safonov has launched the  Winter Harvest Kluth boat, available now for $40.  The new piece combines Kluth’s black ice boat with a bountiful harvest of colorful resin skulls.

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Martin Hsu – Upcoming Dragon Boy *Vinyl* + Munny Custom


LA-based artist Martin Hsu is ready for 2012, the Year of the Dragon, and how.  His ‘Dragon Boy’ character will be front and center in the coming year with the planned release of a Dragon Boy vinyl at SDCC 2012.  For now he’s sharing a teaser shot of the in-progress master sculpt.  Look for a full reveal of the toy sculpt in January at his Dragatomi show which will focus on the cute character and his universe.  From what we see so far, Dragon Boy in vinyl looks quite promising with a fluid sculpt.

In other Dragon Boy news, Martin recently completed a commissioned  Dragon Boy custom Munny as a gift for a friend’s wife.  Merry Christmas indeed! 


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Dec 24, 2011

Paul Kaiju x Medicom – Exclusive Medicom Release (01.07)


Paul Kaiju is yet again dropping another HOT exclusive release with Medicom. This time it’s his Salamander Joe who gets some shine, with two colorways available. Pricing for approximately $110, these are unfortunately only available to Japan residents on January 7th. Time to start messaging your hooks in Japan, because these will go in a heartbeat. 

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Tomenosuke x kaNO – Japan Edition Dragon King


kaNO has really hit his stride with the new Dragon King figure (Kuso Vinyl).  Rather than simply looking for killer color combinations, he’s used each edition to convey a different slice of the martial artist’s legend.  For Tomenosuke’s exclusive Japan edition, he continues the roll by smartly paying homage to Kato, the Green Hornet’s butt-kicking Japanese sidekick valet.   Limited to just 75 pieces, the masked Dragon King will soon be available exclusively from Tomenosuke for $70 (+ s/h). Keep a look out.


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Dec 22, 2011

Kozik x Kidrobot – Lustre Gloss Labbits (01.12)


Kidrobot and Kozik have set out to release their all new 10” Labbit. Dropping on Thursday, January 12th are the Lustre Gloss Labbits, which will be available in Black, Red and White. These Smorkin’ Labbits feature a gloss coating, which give it that beautiful sheen finish. They can be found in all Kidrobot Locations, KR Online and select retailers for $60 each.


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Toy Dreaming with Super7 and Lego


What if Lego took its legendary mini-figure platform and crossed it with some of Super7’s most popular sofubi toys.  That would be awesome and is the ‘What if?’ premise behind what is at this point is apparently a purely speculative, experimental project put together by Toby Dutkiewicz  (creator of the Saddest Devil and  Lego employee) and the guys at S7.   Four figs received the Lego-ification including Rose Vampire by Josh Herbolsheimer, GhostFighter by Brian Flynn and Secret Base, the ever-popular Mummy Boy and DokuDuo from Brian Flynn.

So, of course we’d love to see this happen in some form.  Ever the optimists, we take hope in the closing remarks about this project from the S7 blog : ‘This is all we can show for now but 2012 should be an exciting year!’



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Mari Inukai’s Sekaiseifukudan Holiday Sale Through New Year’s


If you’ve been on the fence about picking up one more of Mari Inukai’s Sekaiseifukudan vinyl figures, now is the time.  Through New Year’s, Inner Sanctum is offering 20% off each of the seven individual figures (including the awesome Akamarilla and Aomarilla, shown above ) as well as off of the bundle sets. 

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Dec 21, 2011

Pete Fowler x Dudebox – Pete Fowler and Fiends + Contest

Dudebox, a new London-based brand, is gearing up to release a brand-new vinyl project from none other than Pete Fowler.  Aptly named Peter Fowler and Fiends, the platform style project will feature 3 shapes, each with interchangeable heads + horns/ears. The first revealed figure definitely has the Fowler magic and appears fairly open to other designs – though the sculpted beard might be a little bit of a constraint.  Dudebox has put together a to-be-revealed roster of artists for Phase One and they are looking for one more to add to to mix. 

Dudebox + Pete Fowler are holding the ‘Design a Fiend’ design competition to choose an artist at large to add to the Phase 1 lineup.  To enter, simply download the template, add your design to it, and then submit by the 31st.  The winner will work with Dudebox to make their design a reality.

It’s great to see Pete Fowler back in the vinyl game and we’re looking forward to what else is in store from Dudebox who apparently have a loaded lineup for 2012.  If you’re wondering… ‘Who’s Dudebox ?’, that answer is coming shortly.


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