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Nov 08, 2011

Suckathon Delivers Designer Con with Attitude


Sure, Sucklord is an artist/toymaker.  But in my opinion, he’s best described as a quirky, funny, crass,  force of nature.  Mr. Suck’s personality was on full display during Designer Con for the ‘Suckathon’ – five plus hours of him hustling his wares and interviewing/harassing  various artists, toy industry folks, and collectors.   And yes, I *mostly* enjoyed my turn.  Though honestly, the Sucklord Ass Wipe really is a rip off – I would at least expected printing on the toilet paper. Maybe that’s next year’s *premium* release!  Kudos (I think) to DKE Toys and Toy Break for making the magic happen.  If you missed it, go check out the recorded feed (3 installments).


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