Kidrobot @ NYCC – Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog Labbit


While Kidrobot previously provided a brief list of their NYCC releases, we now have photos and info courtesy of Friday’s reveals on Kronikle.   While we’re sure fans will be interested in the exclusive  South Park and Street Fighter II minis, we’ve been waiting to see Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog Labbit.  The jet-pack equipped (removable)  7” mechanical beast touches down at the Javits Center in the gaudy olive, yellow and pink Biological Warfare edition (300 pcs).

Here’s where this story takes a bit of a twist.  Apparently, the Pig Dog Labbit isn’t quite up to snuff in terms of QC.  So KR has decided to release the figure at a reduced price, $69 instead of the intended $100.   The flier humorously points out the flaws which includes, misregistration, fuzzy paint details and echoing our memories of the Dalek Diver Dunny incident, a ‘hand painted’ look.  

This one’s bitter-sweet.  Kronk’s design brings an over-the-top perspective to the Labbit but also brings a flawed production.   We’re curious to see how these look in person – hopefully the technical shortcomings don’t detract too badly from the design.   Also, here’s hoping there’s another edition of the Pig Dog Labbit in the works.

Finally, we’d like to know what you think of KR’s approach to dealing Yankee Pig Dog’s blemishes.  Approve? Disapprove?  Any other solutions you would have preferred ? Wondering how this got through the initial QC checks? Is this better than scrubbing the release altogether (ala the Kozik x JLed SDCC labbit from a few years ago) ?

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  1. The price is still expensive especially if it detracts from the overall design. Kidrobot should have eaten the cost as a lesson learned and upheld a higher quality of standard for their customers.

  2. I agree, it all seems a bit patronising. They chop a fraction off the price then proceed to cockily label it a cheap skate’s purchase.

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