Entoforms – ‘Future Fossils’ via Evolved DNA


Hmmm… Does that title make sense?  Probably not.  It will in a second or two, at least I hope.  Entoforms is a new project by Dolf Veenvliet (aka Macouno) which blends concepts of DNA, evolution, 3D rendering, and 3D output. It’s geek nirvana in the best sense of the word.

Macouno starts with a string of text (‘DNA’), runs it through custom computer programs (Python scripts) which handle the evolutionary process, and then sends the output to Blender for 3D rendering.  Then there’s the final step – bringing the Entoforms to life as ‘Future Fossils’ 3D print outs of the strange and wild creatures evolved on the computer.  Once output, the fossils are mounted in shadowboxes as would be done when collecting/categorizing real world insect samples.  For more info, check out the intro project video below.

As you might imagine, all that 3D printing is quite pricey.  To deal with the costs, Macouno has started a crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter).  If you’re interested check it out.

And if you’re wondering, no this isn’t an art toy project per se.  However, it’s pretty sweet and bound to interest at least a few of you.