Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Colossus Bunny (4’)


Without a doubt, Mr. Bunny is Joe Ledbetter’s signature character.  It’s been 2005 since we’ve seen a production 3D version.  Now comes  BIG news – as in 4 foot big!  The Loyal Subjects has worked with Joe to create Colossus Bunny – a 4’ fiberglass Mr. Bunny. 

Bound to be the centerpiece of any JLed collection, the new giant-sized piece will be available in four editions – classic Mr. Bunny (10 pieces), Snow Bunny (Highland Toys exclusive, 5 pieces), Gray Bunny (3D Retro exclusive, 3 pieces), and Lava Bunny (Tomenosuke exclusive, 3 pieces).  The classic yellow ‘Mr. Bunny’ edition will be available for order from Kidrobot, 3D Retro, Tomenosuke, Highland Toys and Toy Art Gallery).  Pricing on the Colossus Bunny starts at $4000.   If you’ve been looking for the ultimate Joe Ledbetter piece, look no more.  To order contact a listed retailer.  Expect delivery in about three weeks.  For more info, check out the official Colossus Bunny info page.

colossus_bunny_YELLOW_press3 colossus_bunny_SNOW_press3 colossus_bunny_GRAY_press3 colossus_bunny_LAVA_press3

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