Joe Ledbetter’s Chinese Zodiac


For those waiting for a new miniseries from Joe Ledbetter, the reveal of his upcoming Chinese Zodiac series from Play Imaginative will likely make you quite happy.  Joe has interpreted each of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac.  Unlike the western zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac is based on birth year not time of the year.

With dynamic and creative sculpts plus the added draw from collectors looking for ‘their year’, this series should do really well both with western collectors and Asian collectors.  Previous Zodiac series have done well in Asia, which should be doubly true with Joe’s new series.   Born in the year of the dog (gulp, just dated myself), I immediately looked for my figure – he’s a little feral like but that’s preferable to super kawaii – at least in my opinion.  Look for JLed’s Chinese Zodiac in 2011, packaged in window boxes.

What’s your Chinese Zodiac animal ?  And what do you think of that figure ?

11 Replies to “Joe Ledbetter’s Chinese Zodiac”

  1. Year of the horse for me & love it. Its hard to imagine just getting my year though; Monkey & Pig are my faves of this lot, but they are all quite something. High-five to J.Led & PI !

  2. I’m Snake. Don’t really like that character, but dig the Monkey and the Rabbit(Mr. Bunny). Most of these look like rehashed Finders Keepers, but being window and not blind boxed I’m sure I’ll pick up my favorites. I’ll make a prediction that the Rabbit is the hardest to find.

  3. in real life im a ram but in chines im a monkey 😀 #_# cool animals too! we can meet in animal 🙂

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