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Oct 26, 2010

Munky King’s Omi – DIYs, Omi Show + Giveaway


Edit: Corrected the contest deadline -- November 2nd @ 8 PM Pacific ;-)

After a sold-out early SDCC release of the DIY figures, Munky King is officially launching their Project Omi minis with a fresh supply of the four blind-boxed DIY Omis (Monkey, Devil, Bear and Cat), announcement of the open-call Omi Show (flier, 12.11), and the brand-new omiproject.com. Each DIY Omi (3.5”) comes with the all-important Omi Peg and a removable acrylic base which doubles as a wall mount.  The peg is the little engine that makes it go – whether it’s connecting the Omi to the base, the separately sold ‘Omi Wall’ or even to another Omi.  Available now for $7.95 per Omi.

If you’ve got skills or just want to have fun and show off your creation, The Omi Show (12.11) is the perfect opportunity.  Just buy a DIY Omi, customize it however you wish and send it to Munky King by December 1st.  It’s that easy to have your piece displayed alongside hundreds of others.  Be sure to check out the Great Wall of Omi section @ Omiproject.com featuring photos of each customs done at SDCC.  Also Artist Series 1 is right around the corner as well…

Finally…  To celebrate the DIY Omi launch, Munky King is sponsoring an Omi giveaway right here on Vinyl Pulse.  Not one, not five, but ten Omis up for grabs. Ten winners, one Omi each.  To enter just write a comment on this post by the deadline of Tuesday November 2nd 2010 @ 8 PM.

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment on this post.
2. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, November 2nd  @ 8 PM PDT
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.
4. Ten randomly chosen winners  will each receive a DIY Omi figure.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.

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Yay, free toys. I'm in.

Omi's Rock! :)


Lovin' these...

SWEEETTT but by oct 2nd? let me win ;-)

oh man, these are so cool and nice.

Oct. 2nd? I like those odds. :)

oooh I want one to slut it all up!!

I would like to win, please pick me

OOoooOh I want 1!

Pick me so I can enter the contest


Awesome another contest I won't win... good luck to everyone

Love the way these look.....but Oct.2 passed a long time ago for the deadline..i hope it is November 2nd!

OooOOOooOooOOo... soooooooo cooooool!!!

cool, hope I win, because I would love to be in the show but am broke ass heck


I vant to paint them ah ah ah!

I missed out on these at SDCC. I'd LOVE one!!!

the evolution of styrofoam peanuts.

Mmm simplicity, wouldn't mind customizing one...

We need to buy some of these DIYs... That wall of Omi is busted.

Love the concept, can't wait to try one out for myself!

Lets do it!!!!!

these are pretty dope already have a few ideas for each different kind

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