Andrew Bell – Glop in a Box: Bio Hazard Edition @ NYCC


Awesome.  Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box  resin set from mphlabs  hits the cute yet slightly disturbing vibe just right.  As cool as Glop looks outside his box, he looks great in the box as well where his chin flows over the edges. Glop stands 4.5” tall and is almost nearly as wide (svelte, he is not).  This first Biohazard edition features hand-embellished chases – call ‘em ‘dirt’y featuring black grime and brown boxes instead of the standard gray.  Glop in a box  will drop from the myplasticheart booth (#2879) complete with signed packaging  in the cultyard @ NYCC for $90.   Hit the jump for more pics.

“A box showed up on my doorstep one afternoon. This is not an altogether unusual experience, boxes show up at my studio all the time. But when I bent down to pick it up I noticed there was something different about this particular package. The box itself was bulging, a viscous fluid was slowly leaking from the bottom, and the whole thing had a distinct musty smell. I leaned closer to read the return address on the shipping label, and that’s when it started moving…”

glop2 glop3