Kidrobot’s Dunny 2Tone Drops on 9.23


In a bit of a surprise, Kidrobot is releasing its new Dunny 2Tone series tomorrow – Thursday (9.23).  In fact several East Coast stores have already released their stock online as Midnight has come and gone. The series features predominantly two color designs (color counters will be disappointed).  The lineup includes Huck Gee, Angry Woebots, Steve Harrington, Tad Carpenter, Chuckboy (above), McBess, Aya Kakeda, Max242, Pon, Gary Baseman and Doktor A.  Dunny 2Tone will be available for $9.99 and will also be available in cases of 16 from Kidrobot and very select retailers. Most of the nice full shots after the jump were ruthlessly lifted from the awesome folks @ Rotofugi

M20003-100_lg1 M20003-100_lg2 M20003-100_lg4 M20003-100_lg3 M20003-100_lg6 M20003-100_lg5 M20003-100_lg7 M20003-100_lg82tonebase