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Sep 07, 2010

Jesse Hernandez for OMCA’s VIVO: Days of the Dead 2010 (10.6)

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Jesse Hernandez is one of ten artists selected by the Oakland Museum of California to create an installation for the upcoming VIVO: Days of the Dead 2010 exhibit (10.6 – 12.5), the museum’s 17th annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration.  Jesse’s installation as well as those from the other participating artists will be featured in the Museum’s Gallery of California Art.  In addition to the installation, Jesse’s Mictlan character figures prominently in the Museum’s promotion of the show.

The four sides of Jesse’s elaborate ‘El Templo Teotl’ installation each honor a particular Aztec God and are painted in the color matching the particular sacred direction.  Built out of wood, the temple features four steps and measures 10 feet high at the top.  As you might guess, Jesse’s been hard at work on the installation and has completed the Northern (black) side honoring Tezcatlipoca as well as the Western side (red) honoring Xipe Totec.  Hit the jump for behind-the-scenes and progress shots of the work.

Through his original art across multiple mediums including original paintings, illustrations, prints, and art toys Jesse has honored the rich history of the Aztec culture and in doing so promoted greater cultural awareness.  The selection of his ‘El Templo Teotl’ to be displayed within the Oakland Museum of California stands as a new milestone in his artistic career and journey.  Props.

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this looks like pure garbage and the fact that is going to be on a museum is sad

This is F'n cool !!! The world of art and the museums are finally seeing art !!! that is real art coming from the street. That's where the truth of living starts. If you don't understand that.... you never will.

Right on Jesse !!!!

this is crap, is he holding the shirt because it STINKS!?

Moni, spoken like someone who'll never get it even if it's handed to you on a silver platter.
Be glad you live in a rich culturally diverse country where you are allowed to have your own opinion without persecution.

Art is what you make and what you think is fine art may be considered crap by someone else.

At least Jesse is proud of his culture, are you?


Is it really necessary to post under two names? Seems like you are trying to make it appear as if someone else shares your opinion.

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