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Jul 27, 2010

Scribe & Alissa Ross @ SDCC


Scribe & Alissa Ross were back again at the Cardboard Spaceship booth for SDCC. This time Scribe was there to promote and release his first ever vinyl mini figure series, thanks to the help of Cardboard Spaceship. Alissa was also there to show off her amazing plush work and customs.

IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0122 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1472 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1479 IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1485 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1833 IMG_2042

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