Guf’s Resin Reveal: Larry

larry gang

San Diego Local, Guf of Tattoo Royale is happy to finally reveal their very own  Larry figure. The sculpt and the molding was all done by Guf and character design by Milton who did the original drawings and header art. This is Tattoo Royale’s first garage toy. All of the artists of TR are huge toy fans and hope to each put out there own figure. All sculpted, molded, and painted by them. Here is a little about Larry.

Penetrating the corporate world with his  human disguise and an impeccable work ethic, Larry is climbing the ladder to success. He will uncover the lies of Big Business and it's control of everything around us. 

Unpainted, One-Offs, and a small edition will be available Mid-July through Tattoo Royale. All you have to do to get your mitts on one is by contacting them through their website. Good job Mr. Guf and hope to see more from you and your crew real soon!

header art 

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  1. I’ve only conversed with Guf through the boards, but he is a super cool guy and from what I’ve seen, incredibly talented.

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