Power Arts for Power Up: Mr. Power Custom Show @ ToyQube


While Mr. Power is fairly well-known in Phalanx Studios’ home country of Taiwan, the superhero style platform figure hasn’t gotten much shine in the USA.  The upcoming Power Arts for Power Ups: Mr. Power Custom Show opening on Friday, May 21st 2010 (6-9 PM) @ ToyQube in NYC should help to increase Mr. Power’s stature.  The show will feature new customs by US artists as well as pieces from the previous Taiwan show.  Mr. Power’s allys include 64colors, ahtamTam, Andrew Bell, Andy Woo, Aw177, Brent Nolasco, Cameron Tiede, Dan, David Palieri, Drilone, dubdubbeat, Filter017, Graphicairlines, HaliKen, Jester, Jon Paul Kaiser, kaNO, Keithing, Leecifer, Motorbot, Mr. Munk, Nemo, Nakanari, OsirisOrion, Patrick Chow, Perry Osman, Pon, Phalanx Studio, Phetus, Phu!, Platinum Toys, Remind Studio, Rohby, Ryan Snook, Squink!, TobyHK, Trex, Troy Stith, Zack, and Zono. Hit the jump for a preview of a few pieces.

37-06 Prince Street
Flushing, NY 11354

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