Mauro Gatti – Ghetto Reaper and Carrot Slayer


Italian artist/designer Mauro Gatti doesn’t go small…  In under a month he’s announced two vinyl figures under his Very Bravo line – the Ghetto Reaper (above left) and the just announced Carrot Slayer (above right).  Both figures mix traditionally gruesome characters with an optimistic humor. The figures are produced by Superpowers and distributed by Atom Plastic.

You’ll notice that Mauro has cleverly designed both figures around a loose platform concept.  Both the Reaper and the oh-so-cute vegetarian Carrot Slayer share their arms and legs.  Each has a character specific head/torso and accessories.  Smart and part of a growing trend balancing economics with design flexibility.

The Ghetto Reaper which is the Very Bravo Mascot stands ~8” tall and will soon be available in two editions – Gold and Cold & Silver Shiver (both runs of 250).  The Carrot Slayer also is ~8” tall and comes in two editions —  Gruesome and Hippie (both runs of 250).  All four figures are due in April with an SRP of 45 Euros.

carrot-slayer-hippie-1carrot-slayer-gruesome-1  ghetto-reaper-silver-1ghetto-reaper-gold-1