Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 in March

The new Uglydoll Series 2 action figures by Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath are looking quite nice and feature a total of twelve different designs.  Due in March, these will be window-boxed with a case containing the full dozen, no dupes, no chases.  And… the big news for collectors is the inclusion of the rare ugly dog.  Ugly Dog first made his plastic debut as a vinyl from Critterbox which in a turn of bad toy fortune was only available at SDCC ‘05.  The new ones are smaller, but hey it’s Uglydog [seen on the Uglyblog]

3 Replies to “Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 in March”

  1. I love how it says “collect some of them” on the side!
    “collect them all” always sounded a bit opressive to me 😀

  2. Really nice to see some of the new Uglies come into vinyl at last! Though, if I’m honest, i bit disapointed Tray, Target and Cinko aren’t in here. They were my favs from the originals and left out of the first mini series 🙁
    Window Boxes are nice though! 😀

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