The Lost Underground Art Project (12.15)


Many consider it the “best ever”.  It’s brought viewers 5+ years of intrigue, mystery, and suspense.  Lost is more than a mere TV show, it’s a phenomenon.   One that now has its own art show.

Presented by Ronie Midfew Arts and, The Lost Underground Art Project show opens tomorrow, December 15th (7-10 PM) @ Gallery 1988 Los Angeles.  The title refers to the 16 limited-edition silkscreen posters created by artists in celebration of the show’s final season.  Each was limited to 300 pieces and each is sold out.  Come to the show and see all 16 under one roof.  There’s more to the story though.

Gallery 1988 has also invited twenty plus artists to create original work based on Lost.  The talented lineup includes Alex Pardee, Ben Strawn, Carlos Ramos, Chris Ryniak, Dany Lydersen, Dan May, Danielle BuerliEdwin Ushiro, Eric Fortune, Jeff McMillan, Jeremy Asher Lynch, Julian Callos, Ken Garduno, Kirk Demarais, Lauren Gregg, L