HENGE – Don’t call me a Transformer


Opening my inbox is always fun as I never know what to expect.  Take HENGE for example.  This new Japanese project produces “Transformable Interior Objects” which while a technically accurate description doesn’t really convey the level of wondrous engineering that has gone in making their first product h010101 (Series 1, Silhouette 1, Version 1) a reality. Nor does it do justice to the artistry involved.   The intricate polyurethane resin piece utilizes a precise transformation process to move between it’s initial state of a wing shape into a mech-like angel with flower blossom wings. 

This artful creation is intended as a sculptural display element rather than a figure per se, but for me it’s not a stretch to view this first HENGE product as a high-end art toy. Limited to 100 pieces, h010101 is available now for 100,000 yen (~1100 dollars). Since the transformation is the key, Henge’s produced a video of the process (below). If you have the desire, the means, and the display space with the right mood this might be just the thing.


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