Most Wanted: Messageboard Artist Series


Most Wanted is a unique and ambitious project – a blind-boxed Dunny series with a twist. The figures were designed and hand-done by noted customizers chosen from the Kidrobot Message board.  Think about that, a blind-boxed series done completely by hand. 

Organized by mANNEe, timselF and Igor Ventura  the home-spun DIY series features designs by AW177, DEL730, DFed, Draifet, FAS, Flying Fortress, Gawein, Grimsheep, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal, Lysol, Mike Die, Nikejerk, RSIN ,Sergio Mancini, timselF, Wuz One

Most Wanted has been sold out for a spell via pre-order.  As the ship date approaches collectors are anxious to check out the real McCoys. Many people are curious if the final hand-done figures could live up to the high-standards set with the strong vector-art shown on the series poster and insert handouts.    After seeing some of the finished pieces at DesignerCon (above), the answer is a resounding yes. 

Vinyl Pulse recently had the pleasure of checking out two never-before-seen MW Dunnys  courtesy of mANEEe:  the Sergio Mancini variant and the Grimsheep chase.  Check ‘em after the jump.